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The Unmarried Partner Visa allows an unmarried partner to live and work in the UK, providing they are in a provable, committed, and long-term relationship with a British national and meet the requirements of the Visa.

After assessment we can offer select clients this service on a No Win No Fee Basis.

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About this service

Our Unmarried Visa Services

When you choose Westkin Associates to assist you with your relationship visa, you are choosing a team of immigration lawyers who work for you. We base our customer service around meeting and surpassing the needs of our clients. Whether you need assistance with a new visa application, or an unmarried partner visa appeal, we tailor each case to your specific needs. In doing this, we can build a case that is relevant to your application, increasing the likelihood of you obtaining the result you require.

Keep your family together by contacting our immigration lawyers on 0207 118 4546, or by reaching out through our website. We treat every case as unique and offer transparent, efficient and in depth advise that is tailored to your specific application

“Westkin Associates helped my partner and I with our expedited Unmarried Partner visa. They were absolutely incredible, we cannot recommend them highly enough. Their advice, warmth and support was so comforting through such a stressful process. Thank you for your prompt responses to every query and question and for your clarity in letting us know what we needed to do for each stage.” – Ellie Chiang

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Further detail

Detailed information about our Unmarried Visa service

Applications for the Unmarried Partner Visa will require the necessary supporting  documentation.

Documentation needed to support your application includes:

  • a valid passport,
  • two passport size colour photographs,
  • evidence of your partnership – a birth certificate, civil partnership certificate or proof that you’ve lived together for 2 years,
  • your partner’s passport or national identity card (or a certified copy if you cannot provide the original),
  • evidence that your EU, EEA or Swiss citizen family member was resident in the UK by 31 December 2020, a permanent residence document or evidence that they are:
  • working – employment contract, wage slips or a letter from an employer,
  • self-employed – contracts, invoices or audited accounts with bank statements,
  • studying – letter from the school, college or university,
  • financially independent – bank statements.
  • Your partner must have full health insurance if they’re studying or self-sufficient.
  • Evidence if you’re a dependent relative


Evidence that you’re related to your family member, such as a birth certificate.

You’ll also have to show that you are dependent on them, for example: bank statements or money transfers that show you depend on them financially evidence that you depend on them for health care, for example a letter from a hospital consultant.

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Your frequently asked questions

The UK Home Office aims to process all unmarried partner visa applications within 12 weeks of the date that the application was submitted. The home office does offer a priority service which will allow you to have your application expedited if the standard 12 week wait is too long.
The unmarried partner visa UK fee is currently £1,523 for individuals applying from outside of the UK, and £1,033 for individuals applying to switch from another visa from within the UK. To discuss our fees for assisting you with your application, please get in touch for a cost free chat. UK unmarried partner visa requirements   To be eligible for the Unmarried Partner Visa, you must meet the following criteria:  
  • You are in a civil partnership recognised in the UK, or
  • You are a proposed civil partner, fiancé or fiancée, marrying or beginning a civil partnership in the UK within six months of arriving, or
  • You have been living with your partner, a British national or somebody with UK settled person status for at least two years
  You must additionally:  
  • Meet the English language and financial requirements
  • Have suitable accommodation arranged for yourself, partner and any dependents
  • And/or a sponsoring partner who meets the minimum income threshold
  The annual minimum income for the partner settled in the UK is £18,600 for at least six months prior to making the visa application or have savings of £62,500.  A further £3,800 is required for one child, and £2,400 for each additional child.

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