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Our team of asylum lawyers in London can assist you in creating a safe and secure life for yourself and your family in the UK. Westkin has years of experience in dealing with appeals and applications in asylum, human rights and deportation cases. It is our priority to provide you with a confidential and safe service.

We undertake all cases in asylum, human rights and deportation fields. Our experience in dealing with and winning these cases means that you can be assured of a high quality, professional service which assists to relieve clients and their families of worry and anxiety during stressful times.

“I was with different immigration lawyers before signing on with Westkin Associates and it has been my best decision to change over to them. They’re highly professional, knowledgeable , extremely helpful and efficient. Their approach to my case was well structured, simple and easy to follow. I was always made aware of where my case stood and what to expect. I knew I was in safe hands.” – Denisa Murati

If you require assistance claiming asylum in the UK, you can trust our experienced team to support you. Get in touch today by calling our office on 020 3805 8056 or through our website.

Helping You Understand UK Asylum Law

The asylum application process is an area of immigration law that requires both specialist knowledge and commitment. It requires in-depth knowledge of UK, European and International Law. Our asylum lawyers in London are fully trained in assisting individuals with claiming asylum in the UK. We are on hand to help you with your case, whatever the circumstances.

What is an asylum claim?

An asylum seeker is someone who is seeking refuge in the United Kingdom. Individuals can make an asylum claim if they have reason to fear persecution if they return to their home country. They become refugees if they are recognised as such by the Home Office or if they are successful after an appeal to an Immigration Judge. 

What does an asylum seeker need to prove to become a recognised refugee?

They have to have a well founded fear of persecution for reasons of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a social group or political opinion. Although the above answer is short, the process of making an asylum application is much more complex and difficult. At Westkin, our team has a wealth of experience in helping individuals to become recognised refugees. You may have some fears about requesting legal assistance with your case – this is completely normal. Our specialist lawyers will ease any concerns you have whilst offering a confidential and professional service.

For more information on how we can assist you and for a commitment free chat, please get in touch by calling our office on 020 3805 8056 or through our website.

What do asylum seekers need to be successful?

There are a number of factors which can help your asylum claim to be approved by the Home Office. It is important to discuss your case with an immigration lawyer to increase your chances of approval.

Having a believable story

Your case needs to be truthful and the Home Office or an Immigration Judge must believe it to be true. If an asylum seeker is thought not to be telling the truth about the details of their case, it becomes almost impossible to become recognised as a refugee. Our specialist asylum lawyers are on hand to ensure that clients are believed in their accounts by providing high quality advice on the necessary supporting evidence and documents for your asylum application.

Risk of returning to home country

Asylum seekers must be able to show that they are at risk of serious harm or death if returned to their home country. This is usually proved by careful knowledge of the available material on the country of origin. Our experienced immigration lawyers will be able to advise on the latest country guidance cases from the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, the latest information and reports from reputable NGO sources such as Amnesty International and the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees. They can also advise when an expert report needs to be obtained from a leading country expert.

Lack of protection in home country

Asylum seekers need to show that they are not going to be protected from danger from the authorities in their country of origin. There may be fears surrounding persecution from the government, or danger from a lack of functioning government in place.

No safe refuge in home country

They need to prove that there is nowhere safe within the country of origin that they can go. This is not usually a concern where it is the government itself is the source of the persecution, or where there is no functioning government in place.

Protection of the Refugee Convention

There should be nothing to suggest that an asylum seeker does not deserve the protection of the Refugee Convention. This is usually suggested by the Home Office as a result of criminal convictions in the United Kingdom or as a result of serious war crimes or crimes against humanity committed in the country of origin.

What is the asylum application process?

When applying for UK asylum, you’ll need to provide some documents to support your case. These can include identification documents, and documents to prove your address if you’re already living in the UK. Our immigration lawyers can assist you with gathering the necessary documents for your application.

You’ll then need to register your asylum claim at a ‘screening’. In your screening, you’ll speak about your case with an immigration officer, and you’ll have your photograph and fingerprints taken. After your screening, the Home Office will review your case and decide whether it can be considered in the UK.

Following your screening, you will be required to attend an asylum interview where you will be asked about how you were persecuted in your country and why you’re afraid to go back to your country. An interpreter can be made available to you at the interview. Individuals are permitted to have legal representation present at their interview, and our team of immigration lawyers are available to help support you.

Your asylum application will usually be decided on within 6 months.

“I had an excellent experience with Westkin Associates. From the first interview to the communications during the process, all updates were very clear, straightforward and accurate. Any time I had a question they responded in a very fast way, which of course gives peace of mind when one is anxious and worried. Very pleased with their services and I highly recommend them.” – Gioqui Brcich

Our team can assist you throughout the entire asylum application process. If you would like to discuss your case, please get in touch by calling our office on 020 3805 8056.

What is the asylum fresh claim processing time?

After your screening, the Home Office will decide if your claim can be considered in the UK. From this point, you’ll usually get a decision on your application within 6 months.

How much does an asylum lawyer cost?

One of our priorities at Westkin is to ensure that we give you excellent value for money and for the service you receive. Because of this, we don’t offer a flat fee for assistance with your asylum claim. We like to have a free initial phone call so that we can get to know you and your case and can discuss a cost for the services you require. This call has no commitment attached, so you’re free to make a decision on whether you would like to work with our lawyers.

Do you handle LGBT asylum claims?

A number of our immigration lawyers at Westkin specialise in gay and lesbian immigration cases and we are on hand to support individuals with LGBT asylum claims. If you have a fear of persecution in your home country due to your sexuality, we are available to discuss your case with you with full confidentiality and support.

Please get in touch with a member of our team on 020 3805 8056 or through our website if you require assistance with an LGBT asylum claim.

What happens if my asylum application fails?

You’ll be asked to leave the UK if you do not qualify for asylum and your caseworker decides there’s no other reason for you to stay. You may be able to appeal against the decision, and it is important to seek legal assistance from an immigration lawyer if you intend to do so.

Immigration Appeals before Immigration Judges can be strengthened with care during the application process. Errors made during the application process will often be used by the Home Office during the appeal.

For assistance with appealing an asylum claim, please get in touch by calling our office on 020 3805 8056 or through our website .

What happens after my asylum claim is successful?

If refugee status is achieved, and the asylum seeker is recognised as a refugee, then the right to apply for the issue of a Convention Travel Document will be gained, Recognised refugees also have the right to apply to be joined in the United Kingdom (“Family Reunion”) by a pre-existing partner and minor dependent children.

The individual will, after some time resident in the United Kingdom, qualify for Indefinite Leave.

“The Westkin team has been extremely helpful and professional throughout my case. They made what could have been quite a stressful process very clear and straightforward. Really pleased with their service, and would definitely recommend them.” – Ivy Li

If you are considering applying for asylum in the UK, it is important to discuss your case with legal experts. Our immigration lawyers in London are ready to assist you with your case, however complex. Please get in touch by calling our office on 020 3805 8056

 or through our enquiry form.

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