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If you’re unhappy with the decision you’ve received on your UK visa application, you can request that your application is refused through an administrative review. Administrative reviews can be requested online, and you’ll receive an answer within 28 days. Administrative reviews can only be requested once, so it’s important to get it right the first time. At Westkin, our immigration lawyers have years of experience in assisting individuals with successful administrative reviews for their UK visa. 

The Westkin Associate team was quick in responding to my request. My first extension for Tier 2 Visa was refused and my lawyer helped me to do the administrative review to put in a new Tier 2 Visa application. Since day one, my lawyer was efficient and very professional in explaining the circumstances and what I should do to satisfy the Home Office requirements. I considered myself lucky to work with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic barrister.

If you need assistance with filing a request for an administrative review of your UK visa application, our immigration lawyers in London can help. Get in touch through our website today.

What is Administrative Review?

If your application letter for a visa is refused, you can request that the decision on your application is reviewed. This process is known as an administrative review.

Our immgration lawyers in London regularly assist clients who believe their application for entry clearance under the point-based system has been refused by the UKBA due to an error. In this situation, the client is not entitled to a full right of appeal, however, they can apply for administrative review of the decision. There are many reasons why an administration review may be needed, for example, checking whether the applicant’s claimed points were assessed correctly. 

Our leading Immigration Lawyers have great experience in winning Administrative Review requests. If you choose to work with us, a member of our team takes the time to go over the details of your case with you, pinpointing the reason your application may have failed. We can then assist you with gaining your visa. Whether it’s an administrative review tier 2, an administrative review tier 4, or any other visa type, our lawyers in London are here to help you.

It is important to note that Administrative Reviews are only an option for those outside of the UK who are trying to gain entry.

What are the requirements for a UKVI Administrative Review?

All applicants who are applying from outside of the UK are entitled to an Administrative Review, as long as it’s requested within 28 days of the initial visa refusal. The process occurs as follows:

  • An Administrative Review Request Notice is sent with the Refusal Notice.
  • The Request Notice must be completed in full and sent off to the address on the notice.
  • Applicants are not required to send other documents such as passports along with the Administrative Review Request Notice. Passports will only be requested if the refusal decision is changed.

Our Immigration Lawyers advise clients to apply for Administrative Review within the 28-day period in order to appeal the refusal. If the application is received late by the UKBA, the administrative reviewer will take into consideration circumstances that are exceptional.

If you receive an Administrative Review refusal, you cannot request a second Administrative Review. From this point, individuals will need to apply for their visa on new grounds. The applicant can then request an Administrative Review of these new grounds of refusal.

If your visa application has been refused and you’re unsure of your options, our team of immigration lawyers in London can help. We are here to offer advice on the administrative reviews process and take you through your options. Get in touch today.

How long does the Administrative Review take?

Upon receiving the Administrative Review Request Notice, the administrative reviewer will finalise their review and give notice of their decision in writing to the applicant within 28 days. A decision could be delayed if exceptional circumstances occurred on the side of the administrative reviewer. The applicant will be notified of when to expect the decision in writing.

When reviewing an applicant’s Administrative Review request, a thorough examination of the evidence submitted with the original application will be done. New evidence may be required from the applicant or a third-party. This will be related to the original entry clearance application.

Our team of lawyers at Westkin can help to guide you through this process, ensuring your application is fully prepared for Administrative Review, and making you aware of any further supporting documentation you may need to provide.

How are Administrative Review decisions made?

All aspects of the refusal will be reviewed by the administrative reviewer, not just the part of refusal that has been requested by the applicant. Some areas the administrator checks include:

  • The correct amount of points have been awarded.
  • A correct assessment of documents.
  • A proper verification check has been carried out.

The administrative reviewer may recommend a reversal of the refusal decision if they find that the ECO (Entry Clearance Officer):

  • Did not consider evidence submitted with the original application properly.
  • Made errors in processing the visa application.
  • Failed to apply Immigration Rules correctly.
  • Did not give sufficient reasons for refusing entry clearance

 If this occurs, the administrative reviewer will recommend the ECO serve a new refusal notice including an explanation in full.

Administrative Review also covers refusal cases where an applicant claims they were unaware of the use of false documents or a false representation was made. The refusal will still stand, but the applicant must prove they had no knowledge of the use of false documents or false representation, otherwise they may risk future applications being automatically refused for 10 years.

Our London immigration lawyers have experience in assisting individuals who have had visas refused for any of the above reasons. Our team is on hand to work with you, however complex your case, in getting your administrative review decision overturned. Please get in touch to discuss your case with us today.

Possible outcomes of Administrative Review

An Application for an Administrative Review has three possible outcomes:

  • Decisions are upheld based on the same reasons.
  • Decision is upheld with new reasons for refusal.
  • Decision is overturned and entry clearance is issued.

At Westkin, our aim is to make the third outcome the ONLY outcome. Our Immigration Lawyers are guaranteed to try their utmost to make this happen.

“I had my Tier 4 visa refusal and it was really complicated. Hence, it was important for me to find the best solicitor. I had consultation with 3 other solicitors before I decided to go ahead with Weskin. They have done my Administrative Review and Pre-Action Protocol. My refusal decision was overturned at this stage. My lawyers were very professional, highly responsible and efficient. They gave me all possible alternatives/stages of the case from an honest point of view. I highly recommend Westkin, and won’t go anywhere else in the future.”

If you are concerned about the reasons for your UK visa being refused and need assistance applying for an Administrative Review of your case, our lawyers are on hand to make the process easier for you. Our team is ready to help you to get your UK visa granted. Get in touch today.

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