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Civil Partner Visas

Immigration Lawyers for Civil Partner and Same-Sex Couples in London

  • The UK Civil Partner Visa allows individuals who are in same-sex relationships to join their partner in living in the UK.
  • The Civil Partner Visa requirements involve proving your relationship is genuine. This can be shown through personal documents which show relationship history, such as phone logs or proof of shared address.
  • Individuals must also meet the financial requirements for this visa by proving that your sponsor earns enough, or has enough savings to support you.
  • The cost of the Civil Partner Visa is £1,523 for individuals applying from outside of the UK.

Westkin are proud of our immigration lawyer’s record in assisting bi-national same-sex couples with their immigration matters. We have a team who are trained in providing assistance with Civil Partner Visas from a number of countries.

“My partner and I reached out to Westkin Associates for last-minute help in applying for my partner’s unmarried spouse visa. After receiving incorrect and misleading information from a top Immigration Solicitor in the UK. Our lawyer was very knowledgeable and professional, and helped us file a successful application in under 4 days. We are very grateful for their help and recommend the firm to others.”

There are different rules in place if you are the civil partner of a visa holder in the United Kingdom. You may still be able to join your partner if they have settled status in the UK. 

For more information on joining your partner in the UK as a same-sex couple, please get in touch with our team.

How To Apply For a Same-Sex or Civil Partner Visa

Our experienced Immigration Lawyers are on hand to provide friendly, clear, honest and professional advice for same-sex couples seeking a Civil Partner Visa.

  • We provide couples with a 1 hour consultation on their case.
  • We keep our clients in the know when it comes to costs and timescales, so you can feel confident in us and our process.
  • Our lawyers will work with you to create a plan of action for gaining your Civil Partner Visa.
  • At the end of the consultation you can decide if you want us to represent you in your immigration matters.

We are confident in our lawyer’s and solicitor’s ability to provide professional, honest, and the best immigration legal service for our clients, wherever they’re from in the world.

Our team makes the Civil Partner Visa application process easy for you, by helping you to collate the necessary documentation needed to prove your relationship as genuine and support your case. Our wealth of experience in this area means that we can help to make the process straight-forward and hassle free for you.

To find out how we can assist you with your Civil Partner Visa application, get in touch.

If your Civil Partner is British or Holds Indefinite Leave To Remain

Your partner may come to the UK with you, or join you if you’re already in the UK, if you:

  • Currently live in the United Kingdom.
  • If you are returning to the United Kingdom with him/her to live here permanently and to make your home here.
  • The relationship may be a heterosexual or a same-sex relationship, but you must not be related by blood.

Read our page on Proposed Civil Partners for more information on this area.

Civil Partner Visa Requirements

  1. Any previous marriage or civil partnership that either of you were in has permanently broken down.
  2. You have both been living together as if you were married (or in a civil partnership) for at least two years; or are in a civil partnership.
  3. You both have enough money to support yourself -this requires that the UK sponsor earns 18,600 over a specific period of time, or the couple have between them a substantial amount of savings. Our immigration lawyers can assist, by way of a consultation in assessing whether you meet the financial requirements in place. The financial requirements for the Civil Partnership Visa can be proven through a P60 or payslips, or by proof of other finances, such as cash savings, money from a pension or non-work income, for example from property rentals.
  4. You also need to prove that your relationship is genuine. This is usually proven by showing evidence of contact and living together.

The above terms can seem complex but they are met with careful planning. If you are in a committed relationship, we believe that with time and effort, you will be able to remain in the United Kingdom with your partner.

For expert assistance with your Civil Partner Visa application, please get in touch.

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