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Specialist Immigration Lawyers in London – With a difference

We are Westkin Associates, leading immigration lawyers situated in the heart of Mayfair, London. Our immigration law firm focuses on all aspects of immigration law. Our area of expertise extends to visas for specialist business reasons such as Tier 1 (Investors), Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs) or more general UK business visas such as Tier 2.

As leading immigration lawyers in London we also work with a broad range of other immigration issues and are experienced in representing applicants who have grounds to raise claims relating to visas that involve marriage, civil partnership, asylum, human rights and the European Union free movement.

Our immigration lawyers in London are ready to assist you with all your immigration matters, including assisting with straight-forward immigration applications submitted to the Home Office, all the way to complicated appeals heard before the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal.

Contact us today on 0207 118 4546 or via info@westkin.com to book your appointment. 

Westkin Associates – Working with you, for you

We build our immigration service around the concept of project managing every step of the application process. Within this we work to exacting standards and support you all the way and offer clear, concise and effective advice increasing the likelihood of your visa being granted.

We have built specialist teams of immigration lawyers who manage each type of visa category ensuring that they are the right people for your case. For example, we have business and corporate teams that deal with Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas specifically, teams that assist with marriage and unmarried couples’ visas and specialists who handle complex European Immigration Law cases.

We ensure that our immigration cases are handled by the best immigration lawyers at our firm with the appropriate level of experience and skills in that area.

Should you be unsure we can help to assess your case via telephone on 0207 118 4546 or at info@westkin.com 

What should I do next?

We invite you to take your time to explore some of the useful information we have compiled on our website. Your will find the different services we offer businesses and individuals are detailed at the top of the page, with more frequent immigration topics placed on a list to the left. When you decide it is best to speak to one of our team members, you should simply telephone or email us or contact us through our enquiry box.

For any urgent enquiries, you can contact us by using our priority query form, which can be found on the right of this page. With this form, you can reach us anytime – day or night for the best levels of response

 How can we help you?

Our clear and straight forward process is detailed below:

  1. When you email or phone us we assess your case and give you a fixed fee quote
  2. We then invite you to our offices for a consultation which normally lasts for an hour (£125 pounds, excluding VAT) with one of our immigration lawyers. Should you then decide to proceed with our services, we will refund you the cost of the consultation.

We also offer a form checking service, where applicants who have prepared their cases for submission to the immigration authorities themselves can receive specialist advice to check the merits of their case and make sure that all the correct procedures have been followed. We guarantee that only a fully qualified immigration lawyer will take this appointment with you.

First class immigration advice and representation – Our Ethos

We believe in the service we provide and the responsibility that we have in assisting our clients in often complex and stressful matters. Our immigration lawyers have over 18 years’ experience in providing world class immigration advice and services in both immigration applications and immigration appeals. We are proud of our reputation as one of the best immigration law firms in London and committed to providing a specialist level of service to all our clients.

We guarantee that you will be given the time and respect that your immigration case deserves and that our immigration lawyers will always provide you with advice that is:

  • Honest
  • Effective
  • Clear

Our 6 quality promises  highlight the commitment we make to you to ensure that we provide a world service at a fair price. To book and appointment today contact our London immigration lawyers on 0207 118 4546 or via info@westkin.com, we look forward to working with you.

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Average rating:  
 26 reviews
by Deo Prakash Lama on Westkin Associates
The Best

I'm pleased that I have had a positive outcome for my application and very big thank to everyone at WestKin Associates and especially to Danielle Mapp.After years of disappointing outcome I approached Westkin and from day one from my first meeting I felt I was being listened to by someone who genuinely understood and sympathized towards my cause.I found Danielle and everyone at Westkin knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the application process.Believe me, after 2O year of immigration tantrums they were the only ones that were able to show and guide me to the light at the end of the tunnel, and for this I will be ever so grateful and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

by Ruslan Artykov on Westkin Associates
I felt supported, listened to and inspired by the confidence and professionalism of your staff.

Dear Sir or Madame

I would like to say a big thank to one of your associate James Canlas and to Weskin Associates for all the help with my immigration case.
From the first phone call made to your company I felt supported, listened to and inspired by the confidence and professionalism of your staff.
James was always there to answer my questions (even on Saturday), to give advice and I felt that he would go the extra mile to deal with my case efficiently.

I have had a very good experience with your advisors and your company and will certainly recommend you to my colleagues and friends.

Yours sincerely

Ruslan Artykov

by EeFong Chang on Westkin Associates
Thank you for all your work

My daughter researched various immigration law firms on my behalf, and decided to engage Westkin Associates, based on the reviews.
Houman Mehr and Stuart Meyers were the two who were on my case, for my application for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. The work done and the advice that Houman gave from Day 1, right up to the time the immigration documentation was finalised and my application submitted, was first-class. My daughter and I were sending countless emails every day, and he was always prompt in his responses. Houman and Stuart took our phone calls promptly and answered our questions patiently. Certainly, I got more than my money's worth!
My visa application was approved within a few days, with no questions asked. I am sure it was due to the comprehensive documentation and professional business plan produced.
Thank you, Houman, Thank you, Stuart.
Thank you, Westkin.

by Yasmeen on Westkin Associates
Meritorious Service

I was very much in need of a lawyer to deal with my appeal for an entrepreneur visa.
Despite of the fact that I was based in Scotland , I choose Westkin by being impressed of a YouTube video on entrepreneur visa posted by Mr Houman Meher.
Am very pleased with my decision as my visa was granted last week. Would like to convey my special thanks to Mr Houman and Georgia who helped me sincerely and very professionally all the way through my case and never let me feel disregarded as being based in Scotland.
This visa was like a life and death decision to me . Am very much grateful to both of you.
Hope you will be there for my extension as well. Would still require your guidance through this path.
Thanks a million ????

by Diya Bhatnagar on Westkin Associates
Outstanding and expert service

I recently applied for an unmarried partner visa with the help of James Canlas from Westkin Associates. Right from the onset, what immediately struck me was his dedication, professionalism and expertise. Most other firms would provide a surface-level service, however, James took the time to go over my case and gave me guidance throughout the process. He was proactive, efficient and a positive force throughout. There were certain aspects of my case that were challenging, however, James had the know-how to successfully overcome these hurdles. There was not a single moment when I felt under-confident with the service that I was receiving. Moreover, the actual process of applying at the Home Office was a seamless process. I had an early morning appointment and James was on the phone guiding me till my actual submission. I am extremely satisfied with the service that I received. I would strongly recommend Westkin, especially James, to anyone who wants a professional and dedicated service!

by Mr Khalaf on Westkin Associates
Excellent Service

I recently used Westkin Associates to represent and support my family for our appeal against a Home Office decision to disallow my wife and son to live with me in the United Kingdom.
This case had been in process since 2011, before I came to use their services, getting to a point where I could no longer fight the case without legal guidance.
From the moment I took up Westkin Associates services I wished I had done so sooner.
Such was the professionalism of my solicitors, Oliver O’Sullivan and Kabir Kohil, and my barrister Julian Norman, I felt for the first time I could bring my family back together in our home, where they belong.
They offered me unparalleled advice, clear and instructive information, and the sense they were fighting exceptionally hard for our corner. I can never express the gratitude I feel for the whole team.
Together they have done nothing less than given me my life back.

Brilliant Service

Westkin Associates and in particular Amir Zaidi and James Canlas have sincerely helped me with my immigration application. I approached them when things were really messed up and few other lawyers that I had tried could not satisfy me with their propositions. Immediately after I had my first call with Amir Zaidi, he gathered the facts and dates from me and while over the phone he explained his plan for tackling my case. I liked his idea and they way he approached it and gave me confidence in leaving my case to their capable hands. Both Amir Zaidi and James Canlas have thoroughly helped me throughout this process. They have always been available for me by phone or via email any time I felt I needed clarification or update on my case. They are extremely good with their communication in compare to other firms I have dealt with in the past. Amir Zaidi and James Canlas know the technicality of immigration law very well and took extra steps for me throughout this process, that were beyond the scope of our initial agreement, so literally they ended up doing much more work without asking for extra money. I am very satisfied with the entire process at Westkin Associates and they eventually got me my ILR successfully after a lengthy process and one that a lot of people didn't have much hope in it, but with the positive attitude and professionalism of both Amir Zaidi and James Canlas I got what I wanted. I have to admit, my case was one of those rather complicated cases which got even more complicated when home office got a few things wrong and created additional work for Amir Zaidi and James Canlas which they handled very well. I highly recommend Westkin Associates to everyone and I have already referred a few of my friends to them. Thank you Amir Zaidi and James Canlas for getting me what's known as a life changing permit!

by Yu-wei Chang on Westkin Associates
Professional Service

Westkin Associates was recommended by a friend who has a lawyer background and had been through similar situation. Westkin Associates is very professional which can answer me all the questions regarding to immigration laws. Amir Zaidi, James Canlas and I met for a thorough consultation about my available options and we discussed how the application would to be prepared and proceed. My case is an investor visa application, which required co ordination with my bank managers. Even at some point the bank discontinued to provide service I needed Westkin Associates helped me by provided alternative options by helping me find an investing firm. The application was really straight forward. The check lists James provided were very clear and detailed for me to prepare the documents. The application was completed in time and submitted before the deadline we set. Everything was following the schedule and the application was accepted with no question. The services Westkin Associate provided were efficient. James always reply and response to my questions and enquires very fast. He is trust worthy and provides the service professionally which makes me feel at ease. I am really pleased to be informed by James that the visa has been approved within two weeks. Amir and James have delivered my application perfectly and I will definitely recommend friends and family to Weskin Associate.

by Kuldipak Marwaha on Westkin Associates

Westkin Associates are a wonderful organisation who provide sound advice. I worked with James and Shareena Rahman for six months before submitting my application for a spouse visa, and they both provided a great quality service and have really helped me with my application. I have now submitted the file for consideration and with fingers crossed I will hopefully, with the help of senior Associate Shareena Rahman, be able to say that my wife is approved for the settlement visa.... Whatever now happens, I leave this in God's hands but I should provide these credited comments where it’s due.... Thank you very much for your help Shareena and now let us hope that my wife gets approved for the settlement visa.... Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by SYED ALI SAJJAD on Westkin Associates

Westkin Associates were prompt in tending to my matter giving timely and correct advice. They were friendly and professional during all interactions. I would have no qualms in recommending Westkin to my friends/family. They were brilliant. They kept us up to date through out the whole process. My whole family are ecstatic with the news, that I have been granted visa.

by Barbara Mason on Westkin Associates
Excellent and Friendly Legal Advice

I needed the services of a law firm to help me with the requirements for a visa for the spouse of a UK sponsor, and chose Westkin Associates. Hateem Ali gave me excellent legal advice regarding the application and its legal requirements. My caseworker, Frances Young, guided me carefully through every step of the process and answered my many questions with unfailing patience and courtesy. She was always available when I had queries. She made the process easy for me. It has been a pleasure to work with her and with Hateem Ali. The application was successful and my spouse is now the proud holder of a UK entry visa.
Westkin Associates provide exceptional services, and I can recommend them highly to anyone in need of legal advice on matters of immigration.

by KK Amele on Westkin Associates
Outstanding professionals and very human

I contacted HATEEM ALI of Westkin Associated after he successfully helped my colleague and his family for they immigration issue.
Myself have to find a way of staying in the UK with my family. Because I came to UK under a very special and restricted immigration status my case was delicate and required high level of professionalism that I find at Westkin Associates.
From the beginning to end of the process, I felt so confident as HATEEM shown me such professionalism. Communication between us was smooth and sustained.
At certain stage, FRANCES YOUNG, assistant to HATEEM ALI would review, very professionally, my thick dossier, phrase by phrase, page by page. The outcome is from the submission to regularisation no more than 2 months had elapsed.
THANKS for helping me stay with my family,
CONGRATULATIONS to Westkin Associates for the professional job done,
LONG LIFE to Westkin Associates and all the staff: HATEEM ALI, FRANCES YOUNG and others...

by barbara on Westkin Associates
Excellent legal advice

I chose to use Westkin when seeking advice on the application process for the settlement visa for the spouse of a UK citizen. Hateem Ali gave me excellent legal advice. My caseworker, Frances Young, guided me carefully through the various steps of the application process, and answered my many questions readily. Both Hateem and Frances were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend the services of Westkin very highly to anyone seeking advice on immigration matters.

by Marcelo on Westkin Associates
Great Service! Worth every penny!

I was referred to Westkin by Imperial College Student Services to advise me on my British naturalisation application. I did a lot of research myself and I have done most of the work done myself – gathering of documentation and filling up the application form.
Amir carefully reviewed my application pack and spotted a couple of issues, which to me looked irrelevant, but to the UKBA it could materially affect my application.

My British naturalisation and passport applications were processed and approved in less than 2 months! I am confident that without Amir’s help, I could still be waiting for feedback from UKBA !

I highly recommend Westkin!

by Warren Jacobs on Westkin Associates
Honest and professional

Don't look any further! Having lived abroad for 15 years I married and had some kids. Upon deciding to establish my own business in the UK I had a particularly daunting and traumatic experience trying to apply for a spouce visa by myself. Needless to say it is far more complicated than applying for a passport. Long story short, concluding an initial failed attempt leaving me somewhat dumbfounded, I called several firms and fortunately found Westkins. James and Amir are professional, honest, hard working and very good at their job. They have a very good response time and demonstrated patience and a focus on your needs as opposed to their profit. A superb firm managed by great people.

by Tooba on Westkin Associates
A big thank you for our successful finace application!!

I came across Weskin Associate through a Google search. I had called various firms but speaking to Sophia from Westkin I was assured that Weskin would provide me the kind of service I was looking for. Sophia's depth of knowledge and advice was invaluable. She explained me the whole process for the fiance visa application and the documentation that will be required. I instantly, made an appointment to see her in person.
My application was processed by Amir and James at Weskin. They both provided me the very best and professional service. Both were available to resolve my queries on the phone or in person.
My fiance had previous immigration history and we were worried because of that, our application will take very long to be processed.

But to our surprise our application was successful within weeks. A big thank you goes to Amir and James for their exceptional work and diligence in ensuring our application bundle meets every requirement. Weskin provided the most efficient and effective service.

We have also signed up for Weskin Associates to take forward our next step in the process for my fiance to settle in the UK. Following our wedding in April, we are hoping to apply for the same-day spouse visa and I am certain with the help and advice of Amir and James we won't have a problem in this step. I will update this site early May 2013.

I recommend Weskin Associates for their professional and honest advise from day one!! Many Thanks!!!

by Irina on Westkin Associates
Same day appointment

Westkin Associates helped me to arrange the same day appointment for ILR, provided documentation advice and accompanied us on the day. We received professional service from both Shareena in preparation for the appointment and from Adel Abozaima on the day. Thank you for your help!

by Alica Kemeny on Westkin Associates
New life

I want to say a big thank you to Westkin Associates, especially to HASSAN MEHDI on the behalf of my whole family. My partner had been trying to legalise his status in the UK for more than a decade. We had spoken to other lawyers before who made our situation seem pretty hopeless. We almost came to believe that he would never be able to get a valid visa and we would be stuck in this increasingly unbearable limbo forever. That was until we met HASSAN. He never made us feel that we were just one case out of the many, always had time for us and his enthusiasm, dedication and support during this difficult time was second to none. Most importantly, his service proved to be very efficient, finally my partner has got his long awaited visa! I can't put it in words what it means to us. We got our life back - thank you HASSAN, thank you Westkin!

by Willetta on Westkin Associates
Exceptional Services

I become a client of Westkin Associates, specifically HASSAN MEDHI, in very urgent and stressful circumstances. I had been told that I was going be get leave to remain, been told it was not going to get challenged, then after the deadline it was challenged. I had tried for almost ten years to sort things out. My profile was very complicated and my immigration history, mostly through no fault of mine as I was a minor when I moved to the United Kingdom was really messed up and ridden with rejections. I had been to court numerous times, almost got deported at one point. When I met HASSAN MEDHI, I was very emotionally distraught and to be honest I did not have that much hope or certainty. However his professionalism showed by HASSAN MEDHI and his colleagues were astounding. They were also very compassionate and sensitive in filing the case. I came to Westkin Associates five days to the deadline. I genuinely felt like they put everything aside and HASSAN MEDHI especially was very passionate about seeking a legal status for me and worked extremely hard for me. He communicated with the Home Office constantly to make sure that they were reviewing my case; he kept me up to date on all changes in the law and about my case to keep me at peace. He always said things were 50/50 in these cases and never gave false assurances. At one point I could not retrieve certain documents and rather than saying we were stuck, HASSAN MEDHI phoned the Home Office and it was sorted the following week! Another good thing I noticed, HASSAN MEDHI did not charge me for every single consultation. I would definitely recommend them. They are honest, professional and forward thinking on Immigration and other areas of the Law. Westkin Associates are very compassionate, hard working and extremely professional!!!!

Done and Dusted!!!

I had entered the UK legally as a student but when it came to extending my visa after several years I fell victim to a corrupt immigration consultant who took much of my money and all my forms of identity, promising me the earth but delivering nothing. Unable to study or work and with no means to identify myself and no means to survive other than the benevolence of friends, I eventually became trapped in a state of destitution in UK with no ability to either leave or stay.
I eventually got in touch with Westkin to see if anything could be done to ‘rescue’ me from my awful predicament. From my first meeting with Amir Zaidi and his consultant Sophia Ghandi, they showed compassion for me and understanding of my plight. They recommended I make an application for settlement based on long residence and they guided me in compiling a cast amount of documentation to demonstrate as well as I could that I had been continuously resident for fourteen years. Ofcourse there were gaps in my evidence but they covered my application with excellently researched and argued representations. After submission of the application some administrative failings by Home Office caused delay in confirming acceptance of my application as valid and meanwhile, the Law had changed requiring twenty-one instead of ‘only’ fourteen years residence. Amir and Sophia were resolute in making further representations to the Home Office and with only minor delay ultimately I was granted ILR. Throughout these tense periods they were tolerant and understanding of my anxiety, and resolute, tenacious and professional in steering my case through to successful conclusion.
I would also add that their fees were very reasonable indeed: – they completed my case for the originally quoted figure even though much more work was required than might originally have been expected.
I have had a first class experience and owe much gratitude to Westkin. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending Westkin to anyone.

by Najjiah on Westkin Associates
Outstanding advice

I spoke to this very professional & the kindest lawyer just now . He was polite & humble. His advice was excellent &accurate.In the last 3days I have spoken to 15 lawyers --but he was the best .My hats off to you Hassan .You are too good .I will recommend you to anyone I know .My blessing to you &Westkin Associates
May you prosper to unlimited heights!

by Shafee Saif on Westkin Associates
Big Thanks to Westkins

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Westkin Associates for the efficient, professional, and smooth service they provided with my naturalisation process. Particular thanks to Hassan Mehdi who was not only personable and easy to talk to but also precise, thorough, and more than happy to do that little bit extra for his clients. I found Westkins online along with some other law firms when I considered using lawyers to complete my naturalisation and initially I was going to use another company because they promised me everything on a silver plate. It turned out that they were slightly dubious, so I went with Westkin and never regretted it. I would recommend Weskin Associates and Hassan Mehdi to anyone.

by Toby Martin on Westkin Associates
Could not have asked for better representatives

I approached Westkin after my initial visa application was refused. I had chosen poor representation to begin with and so was very sceptical about who I asked to appeal on my behalf, but I could not have been more impressed with Westkin.
I was facing the prospect of being deported away from my fiance and stepson, but from the very first moment I met Amir Zaidi and James Canlas I walked out of the offices feeling as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I looked around but could not find anyone who gave me the same feelings of confidence as Westkin Associates.
Both James Canlas and Hassan Mehdi handled my case for discretionary Leave to remain and they were simply outstanding. The accesibility I had with them was fantastic and their advice on documents was second to none, and proved to be one of our strongest weapons. but most importantly they are human in the sense that time and time again they put my mind at rest and left me feeling confident. They were able to turn an initial refusal into a victory in appeal, and my only regret is not seeking advice from them initially.
They are genuinely nice people without whom my family would have been seperated. If only they knew how much I appreciated their time.

by Peter Quarm on Westkin Associates
Westkin is a clear leader is their Industry

Westkin Associate has been of so much help to my family by applying for the permanent right to stay in the UK for my wife and also the naturalisation process for myself and my kids.
There is no doubt about the fact that westkin is very skilled in what they do but most importantly is the customer service and relationship that runs through the entire process. The manner of presentation is excellent as well as the continued update of progess in the whole application process which is outstanding.
I got positive results within weeks instead of months of the application.

I would definitely recommend Westkin especially Hassan Mehdi, who was our interface consultant as very appraochable, polite and ever so willing to help at every stage of the process, either in person or over the phone. I will always be indebted to westkin for helping with the paperwork in keeping my family intact in the UK and will recommend them to anyone seeking legal support for assistance they will never reglect.


Westkin Associates assisted my family through one of the most difficult period in our lives. We were in the process of uniting with our daughter born outside the United Kingdom. I am particularly grateful for their support and pleased with the successful resolution of this extremely difficult procedure.
Westkin Associates in particular Amir Zaidi and Houman Mehr were responsive, knowledgeable and paid attention to detail. Simply put an excellent job.
Westkin Associates explained everything clearly and also acted very promptly and professionally. They are very empathetic and were like an extended family throughout this whole process.
I used a different firm for the initial application, despite paying large sums of money had a negative outcome. Westkin Associates from the beginning told me that due to the initial refusal, there was a 50% chance of the application being successful at the second instance. However, they assured me of a 90% or more success at the appeal stage and true to their words, we won conclusively at the appeal.
I will certainly spread the good word about Westkin Associates and will be prepared to testify to their excellent representations.

by JW & MS on Westkin Associates
Our biggest thank you

We would like to thank Westkin, particularly Amir Zaidi and Sophia Gandhi for providing us with the best, most professional service resulting to the success of our application.

Our case wasn't the most straightforward yet they've always been very assuring we will achieve what wanted and that helped a lot specially at times that it got difficult.

Sophia was the friendliest. She was always prompt with replying to every email queries, returning phone calls and answering all our questions - giving us peace of mind.

Also, not only her genuineness evident, it was very much felt as well.

We were just on our very first trip abroad as a couple and it was amazing. Thank you for helping to make all this possible. All the very best!

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