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UK Employers need immigration lawyers, not only to resist and challenge fines once issues by the UKBA, but also to receive the required training in order to avoid a restitution and to provide up to date guidance and advice.

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Had a fantasic experience! Very kind, professional, and communicative. As I had experienced a few law firms, I would definitely fefer this one to my friends and family and highly recommend to anyone.

Chalisa K
28 March

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Complete Immigration Compliance Training

Business can be and often is ruthless. Competitiveness and a cut throat market mean that companies must be able to stay one step ahead of their competitors at all times. If a company is found to have employed an illegal migrant, the resulting fine and procedure can seriously hurt your bottomline. 

Westkin Associates offers complete training packages to make sure that your company is immigration compliant allowing you can stay one step ahead of the pack. Contact us today via info@westkin.com or 0207 1184 546 to speak to one of our lawyers.

“Westkin were amazing. They exceeded my expectations and got my employees tier 2 visa in no time. They were always available and ready to help. I am so grateful for their professionalism and bundles of knowledge and expertise. Thank you.”

Rimple Sidhu

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Detailed information about our Employee Vetting And Immigration Compliance service

The regulations relating to UK employment law can be strict. A new and worrying development in UK employment and immigration law is the introduction of civil penalties that can punish employers who have illegal migrant workers. As such, any UK employer who has been found to have foreign or migrant workers in their establishment working illegally may be subject to a large fine – up to £10,000 per worker. The impact of not only the fine, but the resulting paperwork and extra compliance checks can hurt your business and allow your competitors to get the edge. What will the cost be in lost business? Is also an important factor to consider as a raid and fine by the UKBA will subsequently lead to negative publicity.

It is important to have an immigration lawyer that can assist you in immigration compliance as it is possible to contest the fine that the UKBA can give. An employer may have a defence if they can show that they undertook the correct checks of the employee’s immigration status documents using the method set out and prescribed by the Home Office.

Our Immigration Lawyers can provide detailed training on the nature of these checks as well as on practice and procedure used by the UKBA. We train all HR and directors for large and small business from corporations to SME’s and Start-Ups. We ensure that HR and personnel teams are trained to conduct the appropriate checks as to avoid the expensive fine and inevitably time-consuming legal process that it entails. We have over 16 years’ experience in dealing with all areas of UK immigration law. As such we have built specialists teams that cater to specific immigration law. We work closely with the home office to keep up to date with all the latest changes and can help your company meet its compliancy goals. Our 6 unbreakable promises underline the values that we base all of our work around.

Our leading immigration lawyers  have extensive experience in partnering with businesses and offering compliance  advice. We provide clear, concise and relevant information and assist you in making sure your company is immigration compliant.

Contact our specialist compliance team via for more information about our bespoke compliance training programmes.


Your frequently asked questions

Both at the point of application or afterwards, licence holders may be subject to visits by the Home Office. It is our role to reduce the likelihood of visits and if a visit is unavoidable to ensure that your processes and documents are fully compliant.
This changes from time to time, there are certain high-risk industries which are more likely to be visited or audited. Further, the Home Office may choose to visit as a result of risk factors identified through their intelligence unit. A visit should not be worried about if all the compliance measures are put in place.
These are varied and ensuring that you use the sponsor management system adequately, keep appropriate records, and report changes in the business, Westkin can advise on all of the compliance points needed.
Westkin can be your named advisor on the sponsor management system, this means that we can take most, although not all, compliance tasks over from you.
We have 2 packages available, a comprehensive packages which takes care of all of your compliance, or an ad hoc services – contact our specialist immigration team to decide which is best for you.

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