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Windrush Settlement Scheme

In 2018 it was revealed that in at least 83 cases, people who had arrived to the UK legally before 1973, were wrongfully detained, denied their legal rights and deported. Those who had come to the UK as part of the “Windrush Generation” were forced to prove their continued residency in the UK since 1973 and this was nearly impossible with the new legislation introduced. With this detailed documentation they were denied access to healthcare, accommodation, benefits and employment.

On 30th May 2018 the government announced the Windrush Scheme which would support those from the “Windrush Generation” as well as their children to obtain the documentation they need.

Why choose Westkin?


With over 80 years of experience and having supported over 41,000 businesses and individuals on UK immigration matters, Westkin Associates has become a lead immigration law firm.
With our specialist knowledge and decades of experience, we assure our clients that they are getting the best immigration advice available.


Core to our values is ensuring a fair price for our services. In our initial consultation we will layout the exact cost of our services as well as the applications so that you understand what you are paying for. This means that there are no hidden costs and that our fees are fixed.


With tight deadlines set by the Home Office, it is key to work with law firms that can operate quickly. Westkin meets tight deadlines without comprising the care given to every detail of an application.


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Who is eligible for this scheme?

Under the current framework there are three broad categories which may be eligible for this scheme;

– Commonwealth citizens who settled in the UK before 1 January 1973 and has a right of abode
– Children of Commonwealth resident who settled in the UK before 1 January 1973 and they were either born in the UK or were under the age of 18 when they came
– A person of any nationality who settled in the UK before 31 December 1988 and is settled

What does this scheme provide?

After submission of your documents you will receive documentation affirming your right to live, study and work in the UK permanently. This may include documentation that shows you are already a British citizen.
This will support your applications for work or to access public resources and benefits which you are entitled to.

What is the Windrush Compensation Scheme?

In April 2019, the government announced that it would be compensating the victims of the Windrush scandal for the wrong done. This would include both a formal apology as well as financial compensation.

The amount an applicant can claim varies and is dependent upon the harm done. For example, if an applicant was wrongfully deported, Appendix C, specifies that the Home Office will pay a fixed amount of £10,000 to the victim.

Appendix F, states that a person who was unable to access housing services because he did not have the proper documents may claim £1,000. Whereas, a person who was wrongfully detained will be compensated based on the length of his detention.

For more information on this process follow this link.

For detailed advice on your specific case please contact us at 0207 118 4546 or email us at info@westkin.com

Do I need legal assistance?

Whilst you are not required to seek legal assistance you may find it useful if:

– You are uncertain which documents show when you arrived in the UK or how long you have been here
– You need assistance choosing the best documents to show your eligibility
– You require some help in completing the Windrush Scheme form.

You can reach us at 0207 118 4546 or by email at info@westkin.com

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