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If you’re an employer looking to hire a candidate from outside the UK, you’ll need a Sponsorship License. Our team of expert business immigration lawyers can help you every step of the way.

After assessment we can offer select clients this service on a No Win No Fee Basis.

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Had a fantasic experience! Very kind, professional, and communicative. As I had experienced a few law firms, I would definitely fefer this one to my friends and family and highly recommend to anyone.

Chalisa K
28 March


Our Sponsor Licence Services

A sponsorship licence under this category allows employers to employ foreign and migrant workers. As part of our skilled worker/ Tier 2 Sponsorship service our solicitors and lawyers will complete all necessary forms, prepare them for submission, advise you as to the most appropriate supporting documents, and ensure that these are all submitted.

Our sponsor licence experts will prepare a detailed cover letter, explaining the application and referring to the supporting documents in relation to the rules and guidance. We simply do not stop until the case is perfect. 

We support all UK businesses regardless of sector.

Due to increased scrutiny of applications, we have specialist teams in food & hospitality, IT & software, construction.

Licences can be fast tracked by using the priority scheme for urgent cases.

Westkin were amazing. They exceeded my expectations and got my employees tier 2 visa in no time. They were always available and ready to help. I am so grateful for their professionalism and bundles of knowledge and expertise. Thank you.” – Rimple Sidhu

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Further detail

Detailed information about our Sponsor Licence service

The online application for Tier 2 Sponsorship Licenses requires some supporting documentation to be uploaded, for example, information on the individual who will be managing sponsorships within the business, and proof that your business has the appropriate systems in place to monitor sponsored employees.

The company shall have to identify the need for a specific job role in order to commence the process. This process is to ensure that the prospective employee is best suited for the job role.

We shall have to advertise the specific job role for a minimum period of 28 days. This shall have to be conducted as per the UKBA requirements and in light of the continuingly evolving changes in law.

At Westkin Associates our team of expert Immigration Lawyers in London can help businesses of all sizes to obtain new UK sponsorship licences. Our employer-friendly and focused approach provides business owners and HR’s a complete managed solution, making the process of obtaining Tier 2 sponsorship licenses easier. Our team can help to make the process easier for you right from the start, from the point that the sponsorship licence is successfully obtained, to the Tier 2 visa being granted for the prospective employee.

Get in touch today to find out how our team of sponsorship lawyers can assist your business with gaining Tier 2 Visa licenses. Once the sponsorship licence is obtained, our optional additional services include:

  • Obtaining further Tier 2 certificates for new and existing employees.
  • Visa applications for new staff that you may wish to employ.
  • Visa extension applications for existing employees.
  • Ongoing compliance and maintenance of the Sponsor Management System.
  • Illegal working audits and compliance.
  • Training in the above for key HR and non HR staff.
  • All other forms of UK immigration advice.

Our team of specialised sponsorship lawyers are ready to assist your business with their tier 2 sponsorship license today. Please get in touch.


Your frequently asked questions

Yes. Regardless of sector, size of business or trading history, there are no limitations on which businesses can apply for a UK licence.
We can prepare a licence application for you within a matter of days and the Home Office will usually process those applications within weeks, there are however priority services available to speed up your application process.
Yes, we guarantee that all sponsor licence applications made through us are granted or your fees returned in cases where licences have been refused, unless this relates to information you gave us that was missing or incorrect.
We charge between £1800 and £3000 for a sponsor licences the, although the exact amount will depend on the complexity of the case, but our sponsor licences come with a money back guarantee as above.
No, we will guide you on the documents needed and the process can be done within days. We can also ensure that we reduce the risk of compliance visits through careful presentation of your business needs.

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We guarantee that only a fully qualified immigration lawyer will take this appointment with you.

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