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The sole representative Visa is now closed. This means that new applicants cannot apply for this Visa. Fortunately, a replacement Visa was issued on the 11th of April 2022. This Visa, the Expansion Worker Visa Provides a pathway to British Nationality, allows for family to relocate and gain the benefit of self-care and free education in the United Kingdom, it also allows individuals to come to the United Kingdom without initially needing to take an English language test and also provides for multiple staff to represent the UK branch of the overseas company. The process can be complex that Westkin make it simple, contact our lawyers.

The Sole Representative Visa allows individuals to come to the UK as a representative of an overseas business. Individuals will be permitted to set up a UK branch of their existing business, or a wholly owned subsidiary. This Visa allows eligible applicants to stay in the UK for up to 3 years. To qualify for the Sole Representative Visa, you must meet certain requirements, including being recruited by an active business outside of the UK, and have enough funds to support yourself. The fee for applicants applying from outside of the UK is  £610. For those applying within the UK, the  Sole Representative Visa fees are £704.

Our team at Westkin are experienced in assisting individuals with their Sole Representative Visas, helping you to expand your business and open up a new branch in the UK.

Please get in touch to discuss your Sole Representative Visa application.

Home Office Sole Representative Visa Changes

In 2020, the UK Home Office introduced changes to the Sole Representative Visa which made the application process more rigorous than it was previously. The new process now includes:

  • providing documentation showing a full description of the businesses’ activities and assets. 
  • Your job description and salary details.
  • A letter confirming that you’re familiar with the business.
  • Evidence that you hold a senior position within the business.

Although the Sole Representative Visa application process is now more stringent, our expert immigration lawyers in Central London are well experienced in assisting with cases and helping to make the process hassle free for applicants. We are proud of our track record for securing Sole Representative Visas and can help to guide you through the application process, collating all of the necessary documents to improve your chances of approval.

Our expert lawyers will guide you through the process of collating your Sole Representative business plan for you, helping to make the process as stress free as possible.

Book in a free legal consultation today to find out more about the Sole Representative Visa.

Is a Sole Representative Visa UK right for you?

The Sole Representative Visa is designed to allow foreign national companies, which have not set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK, to send over a senior representative to start up their first commercial presence in the UK. Unlike the old Entrepreneur Visa, which required an investment sum of £20,000, the Sole Representative Visa does not have a minimum investment threshold. Instead, the focus will be on the merits of your business.

Our expert lawyers have decades of experience to support your business proposal. Our team will assist you in creating the necessary business plan for your application, which will include:

  • Financial information from your business, including projected forecasts.
  • Where your business fits into the current UK market.
  • The proposed structure for your UK company.
  • Your target market and proposed advertising strategies.
  • Proof of capital and investment.

Collating this information is an essential part of the Sole Representative Visa application process, and legal assistance is strongly recommended for individuals who want to be successful in their application.

This visa is specifically targeted towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who may not necessarily have the capital to invest a full £20,000. It is perfect for those who wish to test how their company will fare in the UK market and provides certain exemptions to criteria needed in other visas. For example, there is no set number of employees you must recruit for your company.

Westkin Associates prides itself on its clear and transparent advice. We understand the value of honesty and will keep you informed of the potential opportunities, risks, and overall prospects of your application.

Speak to our business legal team for tailored advice on setting up your UK company by calling 0207 1184 546. Or book in a legal consultation through our website.

What is required for a Sole Representative Visa?

The requirements for a Sole Representative Visa are relatively straight forward. You will need to be:

  • Applying from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Capable of meeting the English language requirements
  • Able to provide evidence that you can support your stay, as well as any dependants, without needing access to public funds or benefits.

Beyond this, you will need to meet the requirements designated for this specific visa. This means that you will need to show through your Sole Representative Visa business plan that you are a senior employee for a company based outside of the UK.

The Home Office will conduct checks to ensure:

  • You have sufficient knowledge and experience in your field.
  • You are a senior employee for an appropriate amount of time.
  • That you have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the company.
  • That the company is based and operates outside of the UK.

The company itself must be able to show that it will be successful in the UK and can expand. You will also need to be able to meet the Sole Representative Visa fees. The Visa costs £610 if you’re applying from outside of the UK, or £704 if you’re applying from inside the UK. You’ll also be required to pay to have your biometric information taken, and a healthcare surcharge.

For further Sole Representative Visa guidance, please call our office on 0207 118 4546.

How long can you stay on a sole representative visa?

Those hoping to secure a Sole Representative Visa will be granted three years leave in the UK. During this period, it is expected that they will set up their branch company and will help the business to expand. Nearing the end of this period you can apply for an extension which will grant a further two years leave.

At the five-year point, applicants will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

The sole representative visa lasts for a period of three years and can be extended after this. The extension lasts for a further two years. After the holder has been in the UK for a total period of five years, they can then apply for permission to settle permanently in the United Kingdom.

Find out how we can help if you’ve received a refusal on your Sole Representative Visa and need assistance.

Why choose Westkin Associates for your Sole Representative Visa

Our team has over eight decades of combined experience in UK immigration law with the UK’s best legal experts. We understand how confusing the process may be and will be constantly available to support you and to provide clear, honest advice. If you’re looking for a Sole Representative Visa lawyer in London to assist you with your case, please get in touch.

Start your application today by calling 0207 118 4546 or emailing info@westkin.com

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