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Immigration Appeals | Immigration Refusals 

Our immigration lawyers are trained to ensure we quote a fixed fee before we start any work. This is so that our clients can have peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises later on down the line.

We instruct the best barristers so you can be sure that we will be as prepared as possible in order to have a successful appeal.

Please call us to arrange a free assessment of your refusal letter. We will then be able to tell you:

(a) What the next best option is;
(b) Your chances of success on appeal;
(c)  The overall costs that our appeal lawyers will charge;
(d)  How long it will all take.
(e) What documents you might need.

Below are videos highlighting Westkin Associates work flow in handling Immigration Appeals, used to train other Immigration Lawyers and Solicitors.

Westkin Associates Immigration Appeal Lawyers Part 1

Westkin Associates Immigration Appeal Lawyers Part 2

Our leading immigration specialists are experts at successful appeals at court – also known as the First Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum). We have an expert team who handle appeal cases as their main speciality.

 I have received an Immigration Refusal. What can I do now?

Receiving an immigration refusal is often a stressful time. Often, the UK government will give reasons as to why they have refused a visa application.

Our team of immigration specialists will offer a free initial conversation, after which, we will ask for a copy of the refusal letter. If there is a case, we will then normally invite the client to our offices to go through your options in greater detail.

We will provide you with a fixed quotation for the legal fees to handle the case, which we give on an individual basis. As no two cases are the same, we price according to your particular facts.

Our lawyers will also provide an estimate timescale from our past experience as to how long the current processing times are at the First Tier Tribunal – Immigration and Asylum.

Immigration Hearing Soon?

A number of our clients contact us before their hearing date as they are not content with the lawyers they have at the time. Many clients will not have instructed lawyers at all and now feel like they do would like to have one on the day. We can arrange this for you.

We welcome you to have a look at our free videos underneath to learn a bit about how we work.

How our Immigration Lawyers win Immigration appeals?

Our lawyers work to ensure all the points risen in the refusal letter is addressed at the immigration hearing. Leading up to the date, we prepare and analyse the case to ensure you stand a good chance in front of the judge.

The starting point is always looking at the reasons for refusal. It is well-advised to understand that the grounds for appeal are brought against what is raised in the reasons for refusal by the Home Office. For the appeal, the applicant is not required to cover all the requirements of the immigration rules again; instead, they should just address the reasons for the refusal.

Given how important it is to lodge the appeal forms in time, our immigration lawyers often lodge your appeal before taking any professional fees.

As soon as the notice to appeal is submitted, the tribunals will respond in writing with the hearing date. In the meantime, we work with the client to ensure everything is well-prepared beforehand. This includes making sure we have a clear line of argument, as well as setting a time scale and list of documents prepared before the appeal.

Usually five days before the appeal date, we need to send the appeal bundles out to the relevant third parties, such as barristers, courts and the Home Office, therefore in our time line, we aim to ensuring everything is set out to meet our target.

During those final five days, we invite our clients to a conference to brief them on what they should expect in court. This is to ensure they are confident and comfortable of the procedures, as well as knowing where to go, what time to arrive, the formalities of attending court and what questions they may be asked.

When the hearing day arrives, we strive to make sure our clients are not outspoken in court by instructing only the best barristers or using our own in-house specialist lawyers.

Whether we instruct barristers or use our own in-house specialist lawyers, they will be fully aware of the facts of the case and will often be involved with the preparation process too.

Immigration Appeal Services

Our immigration specialists provide a number of services for clients who wish to appeal a refusal from the Home Office. This includes:

  1. Handling the case from start to finish.
  2. We fully prepare vital documents, such as the witness statements and skeleton arguments
  3. We advise on what documentation is required to take to court.
  4. We instruct counsel on your behalf where necessary.
  5. We organise to ensure all timing deadlines are met.
  6. The bundles are prepared in a professional way so that they include full indexing, pagination and copies made to all necessary parties.
  7. We brief the client so that they know what to expect on the day.
  8. We ensure we do what we can to give your case the best chance of success.
  9. Once the appeal is allowed, we will follow up to ensure your visa is endorsed as soon as possible.
  10. Should the appeal be dismissed, we will advise you on what options you may have then.

Immigration Appeal Fees

There is currently a fee of £140 paid to the court for an oral hearing, or £80 for a paper hearing.

Our legal fees are fixed which are agreed upon before work begins.

The fees quoted are fully transparent and will usually include the barrister’s fee too.

The professional fees will be held in an account that remains client property, and will only be paid to our professional account once the work is completed. In essence, if you wish to withdraw from our services, you will be issued a refund minus the work done on your matter so far.

Please contact us for further information.



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