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Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship

Also known as a CoS, the Certificate of Sponsorship is a virtual document managed by Sponsor Licence Holders on their Sponsor Licence.

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Our Certificate of Sponsorship Services

Once the CoS has been assigned, the prospective employee will then need to make the Tier 2 General Visa application. We will of course advise them and prepare the entire visa application.

Please find below the link to the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Codes that are listed by the UKVI, please note that the job role that we select shall have to at minimum NQF Level 6 or above and this can be found at the Immigration Rules Appendix J Table 2: codes of practice for skilled work.

Most applications (8 out of 10) are dealt with in less than 8 weeks.

UKVI may need to visit your business.

You may be able to pay £500 to get a decision within 10 working days.

You’ll be told if you can after you apply.

Mr. Marziano and Ms. Evadis helped me with my spouse visa. This team is exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced, and professional, and they smoothly managed my case. I was well-informed of the documentation requirements and timelines, and the process went exactly as stated and planned. It is clear this firm are experts in their field. I have recommended Westkin to friends who work in Recruitment/ HR for queries around Tier 2 visas. Westkin Associates deserves the highest recommendation.

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Further detail

Detailed information about our Certificate of Sponsorship service

There are 20,700 CoSs available each year, divided into monthly allocations (this is detailed in the Sponsor Guidance) and are processed on the monthly basis.

These are used for:

Tier 2 (General) workers who are applying from outside the UK and will be paid less than £159,600 a year and are not in an inward investment post family members (dependants) of Tier 4 migrants who are switching within the UK to a Tier 2 visa.

You must apply for restricted certificates for these workers via the Sponsor Licence.

The deadline to submit these requests is the 5th of each month. These requests are considered on the first working day after the 10th day of the month and the Sponsor Licence Team usually begins issuing decisions after 11th or 12th of each month.

The team can ask a sponsor to provide further evidence in order to consider the CoS request, in which case they will set a deadline to submit the further evidence. If the evidence isn’t submitted by this date, the request will automatically be considered in the next month’s allocation.

For more assistance on submitting tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship requests before a deadline, please get in touch with our team.

In 2021, new immigration changes came into effect which ended free movement between the UK and the EU. Under these new rules, there were some changes to the Certificate of Sponsorship guidelines. For individuals from outside of the EU, the rules have remained largely the same. The main change is for individuals coming to the UK from the EU on a Skilled Worker Visa. These individuals will now also require sponsorship from their employer in order to secure their Skilled Worker Visa and take up a role in the UK.

The Certificate of Sponsorship guidance is now largely the same for applicants from EU countries as it is for individuals from non-EU countries. Our team at Westkin can advise on all aspects of sponsorship for tier 2 workers and minimise the risk of any errors occurring along the way that may delay your projected timescales for your new hire to start with you by your target start date. Find out more about our services for businesses.

If the Sponsor Licence team makes a mistake at any stage, the team at Westkin can also advise you on how best to deal with that error and challenge it.

For further information on Certificates of Sponsorship, or for assistance with compliancy when hiring foreign workers for your business, please get in touch.


Your frequently asked questions

These are the number of slots available to hire foreign workers. If you have 4 certificates, you can hire 4 foreign workers.
You will always obtain one certificate with each licence but can apply for more if there is a business need. We often do this for our clients.
You can apply for an increase in allocation at any time. We can do this for you if you can set out the business need.
We ensure that the job description you are provided fits appropriately with the relevant job codes and also advise on the appropriateness of the salary and working hours to ensure your certificate is not refused.
Yes, we can obtain for your business certificates for those who are outside of the UK as well as those who are graduated from UK Universities.

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