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Spouse Visa UK Applications

Westkin have a team of over 15 Spouse Visa lawyers focused on ensuring that these visas are granted quickly and professionally. We handle initial spouse visa UK applications, appeals and 2nd applications, as well as spouse visa extension and settlement applications as a spouse.

We believe having such a big team undertaking this kind of work shows just how many clients trust our team to deliver for the family. We want to make sure that we can do the same for you and believe you will be able to tell the difference in our approach from the first phone call.

UK Spouse Visas – What we do for you

1. We focus on you, your partner and the relationship.

We recognise that no couple are the same, every couple like yours has different needs, different pressures and different timetables. Our aim is to ensure that the immigration rules work for you. We believe no loving couple should be kept apart if one has the right to live in the United Kingdom. It is therefore important to not simply focus on simply saying to a client that they simply do or do not qualify for the spousal visa, but to actually discuss how they can apply and succeed in the quickest and simplest manner possible.

If you call in, and after discussion, you find that for any reason you do not qualify for the visa, we are able to offer an appointment, to go through the steps that both working together can work to ensure you qualify as soon as possible, this can often be needed with the way the financial requirements are structured.

Overall, we don’t just process the visa for you, we also ensure that the once the visa is granted, if you need us to help we continue to advise on the keeping the visa through the extension and settlement processes.

Call us today give our team a chance to impress you.

2. We keep up to date with the law

We are genuinely proud of the steps we take to ensure that client like you get their Spouse Visa. As noted above we have a large number of lawyers focused on this visa and as such our lawyers are able to ensure that they all keep each other up to date on not just legal changes, but changes in process, processing times, trends in Home Office decision making as well as areas that the Home Office are seeking to crackdown upon.

We focus on our improving our lawyer’s experience through ongoing internal training on not only the legal rules but focus on helping both of you in the relationship and commitment to the highest levels of service.

Get in touch now, by phone or email and we will make sure we deal with you immediately.

3. We run you through the UK Spouse Visa requirements

From your initial phone call with us we will not simply attempt to charge you fees without checking whether you have a viable case or further options. We provide some basic initial advice on the telephone if needed, although most of our clients seek to book an initial face to face appointment, which we tend to charge for. This fee is refundable against any later case. 

At this appointment, our main aim is to produce a clear action plan moving forward. We take your details,then advise you on

a. the documents needed,
b. requirements to be met,
c. time to be taken,
d. our role,
e. your role, and
f. the costs in our fees and home office and other fees.

After the appointment, we follow up with a detailed engagement letter within 24 hours or so of the end of the meeting.

This letter will reiterate to you the advice given and the steps to be taken.
If you decide to engage us, then we once initial payment is received, we ensure that you have a customised list of documents which ensure that you will obtain the spouse visa, this is based upon the discussions we have had to that point so there should not be any surprises in the list!

We then prepare your application with your hand being held as much as we can to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Call us on 0207 118 4546 or use the enquiry box to get in touch, you wont regret it.

4. We assess financials, relationship documents and other technical requirements of the UK Spouse Visa

We ensure that your visa is granting by going through everything.

We start usually with the relationship, it is important that not only are you in a genuine loving relationship but that we can provide it. Here it is important to think outside the box and you might find yourself enjoying telling us the story of how you met, being bemused by us asking which online and social media platforms you use to communicate, and impressed by our detective skills and think of new ways to document your previous relationship even if it is hard to prove. For example, one client was asked about mutual travel history as a way of showing that although a relationship was new, it was committed, the main issues here is that it not simply enough to be married on paper, we need to prove on paper that the relationship is committed and genuine.

We then focus on finances, here a lot of client get in trouble. Although the income requirement can be relatively low, (18,600 per annum) there are a number of restrictions, which the Immigration Rules apply. Many clients feel that the Home Office will excuse any issues with paperwork as it is obvious that they earn more than this sum. Unfortunately this is not the case, and often you will find yourself surprised how much care we have to take to ensure we have exactly the correct documents in exactly the correct format. This also applies for those using savings not income to meet the financial requirements.

In addition, there are documents needed to prove accommodation, English language and other key requirements. These ‘technical’ requirements again are mandatory. You will need to provide the details even if you have already proven that you are a loving couple with the funds to support yourselves.

Premium Spouse Visa Appointment – Get your visa within 24 hrs !

We are registered with the Home Office to provide speedy processing times for our applications. For an additional fee, we can arrange for the Home Office to consider your applications within 24 hours of submitting the spouse visa application to them.

This ensures, speedy return of passports and other key documents, reduction in stress as there are no lengthy delays and travel plans are not affected.

UK Spouse Visa Extensions

Once the visa is granted, we can assist clients in ensuring they can successfully extend the after 2 and a half years. The issue can become complex if the relationship has fallen into difficulties or if the financial position has changed. It is important to get advice relatively early in the process in order to reduce stress and worry in the extension.

UK Spouse Visa Settlement and Indefinite Leave to Remain

Once the visa is extended, then you will have to wait a further 2 and half years before you can apply for settlement, also known in the UK as Indefinite Leave to Remain. This is granted if the matter is straightforward but often clients get refused through simple documentary errors rather than there was an issue with their relationship or finances. The next stage after that would be to apply for Citizenship, if this is what you want.

If all of this sounds complex, please don’t worry, we can assist in preparing the application. Call us today on 0207 118 4546.

Please contact us for further information.

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