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Across the world homophobia, unfortunately, is increasing and in certain countries leads to LGBT communities living in fear as to the repercussions of their sexuality. The United Kingdom has increasingly accepted asylum seekers from the LGBT community and has giving them the opportunity to reestablish themselves in a more accepting and tolerant society. Sadly, in our experience, we have witnessed an increased number of clients who can be included in this category. We are here to assist with all LGBT immigration UK issues.

We understand the difficult situation that many of our clients find themselves in and we offer a service that is as supportive as it is comprehensive. We believe in building relationships with our clients and treat each application on a case by case basis ensuring that our services and expertise is tailored to the exacting needs of your case.

Westkin Immigration Lawyers have a proud tradition of taking diversity in our legal services seriously. We take pride in our lawyers’ track record and experience in dealing with all UK immigration and visa issues concerning the LGBT community. We not only work for you but we support you throughout every aspect of your immigration case.

Our team of lawyers are available on  or via 0207 1184 546 and are approachable, supportive and confidential. 

Within our firm, we have lawyers who not only specialise in visa issues which affect the LGBT community but we also ensure that our immigration lawyers are competent in dealing with all diversity issues as part of our ongoing commitment to client care. We fully value surpassing client expectations and do so in providing exceptional client care and support. In what can be seen as delicate issues, Westkin Associates provides a discreet and supportive service 

We hope to stand out in immigration matters, making sure we don’t ignore an important community as other immigration solicitors can do.

Some of the services that we provide, include, but are not limited to:

All civil partner applications and appeals;
All proposed civil partner applications and appeals;
All same sex partner applications and appeals;
All EEA relationship applications and appeals;
All Discretionary Leave applications;
Asylum matters based on gay related issues.

Within the last recent few months many countries such as Ireland and the U.S.A have made positive steps to create a more fair, balanced an inclusive society by legalising gay marriage. However, a sad fact of life is that there are still many countries across the world where individuals suffer from persecution due to their sexual orientation. We believe strongly in helping any person who is in need of immigration advice and legal advice. We work closely with the home office to provide all legal and emotional support in what can often be a stressful and difficult time.

Westkin Associates is an inclusive law form who values the rights of all. We are experienced in dealing with LGBT immigration UK applications and offer comprehensive and approachable services and support. For more information, contact our leading immigration lawyers for confidential, friendly and above else, effective representation.




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