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Westkin has a proud history of providing all clients, whatever their background with immigration assistance. Accordingly we have a number of lawyers in our specialist Gay friendly and LGBT immigration practice group. Whatever your background, member of the team will pride themselves on a gay-friendly approach. Many of the team have advanced qualifications in LGBT issues, sensitivity training for those who are gay but are from highly conservative cultures abroad and ongoing links to LGBT immigration advisory groups.

Our team, whose details are below, can assist in all applications for gay immigration clients, whether their sexuality is a specific part of their case or not and whether their matter raises specialised gay issues or not.

The team specialises in and has experience of:

    Immigration applications on the basis of gay marriage and same sex relationships;
    Immigration applications on the basis of civil partners and proposed civil partnerships;
    Specialist applications for those who come out as gay whilst on a spousal visa;
    Gay asylum matters, where persecution is feared based upon sexual orientation;
    Other asylum matters where someone is perceived as gay, and fear persecution as a result;
    All applications based on medical issues or Discretionary Leave applications;
    All applications based upon European Union applications.

We are discreet above all else, the information you disclose to us is yours and remains confidential at all times. We also are content for your to either contact our main office through using the enquiry box on the right or contacting a specific lawyer below by email or phone.

LGBT immigration and gay friendly immigration lawyers.

Jocelyn Howorth

Jocelyn Howorth first started working in the field of immigration in 2005.  Since then she has worked on numerous cases with LGBTQ clients.  Her experience includes working on applications for same sex spouses where the applicant was in a country where same sex relationships were illegal (UAE), applications from in the UK where the same sex spouse or partner did not feel comfortable returning to make an application abroad (Jamaica, Trinidad, Serbia, numerous African countries, amongst others).  Jocelyn has also considerable experience in asylum cases for members of the LGBTQ community and is well versed in preparation of appeals against Home Office decisions to refuse on the basis of disbelieving a person’s sexuality.  Since the case of ZH (Tanzania), the Home Office disbelieving a person’s sexuality became a much more common reason for refusal, so it is important that your representative is experienced in dealing with refusals of this type.  Jocelyn also does much of the advocacy for Westkin, so is also experienced in preparing and presenting appeals in court against decisions of the Home Office to refuse to grant leave.

Jocelyn is happy to receive emails directly from prospective clients in the gay community:

Kirsten Caspersen

Kirstin is experienced advising immigration clients from the LGBTQ community. She assists a wide range of clients on family and business applications, including those requiring high levels of discretion. She is experienced advising and representing on challenges that those from the LGBTQ community may face in preparing an immigration application. In addition to advising on immigration matters, she has academic qualifications in sexual diversity politics and experience volunteering in LGBTQ community groups as a mentor, which strengthens her awareness of potential issues and ability to assist clients from the LGBTQ community.

Kirstin is happy to receive emails directly from prospective clients in the LGBTQ community:

Michael Marziano

Michael has over 10 years’ experience in assisting LGBTQ clients across a broad range of immigration categories.

With a flair for applications under the investor and entrepreneur categories, Michael has acted for many high net worth individuals. Michael acts with the highest level of discretion and professionalism, and he regularly represents high profile clients, particularly from the arts and culture sector.

With a keen interest in political and social development, Michael has successfully represented people with complex asylum claims relating to their sexual identity, and has been a long time advocate of the Difference, Stigma, Shame, Harm (DSSH) model, which has now been widely accepted as best practice for assessing credibility in asylum claims based on sexuality.

Michael works closely with a number of prominent LGBTQ organisations, and he is regularly invited to give talks and presentations on developments in immigration law to these groups.

Michael is renowned for his caring, understanding and compassionate approach, always providing clients with a safe space to discuss their immigration issue, and always gaining the trust of clients. He is both pragmatic and fearless in securing the best result for his clients.

Michael can be contacted directly, either by phone or by email, and will discuss any immigration issue with the utmost discretion.

Amir Zaidi

Amir has over 20 years experience advising immigration clients from an LGBTQ background. He focuses on high net worth clients and has particular expertise in business and investor visas as well as complex asylum cases or those clients with a significant political or public profile. He, in particular, can assist gay LGBTQ clients who are from countries with highly conservative cultures including the Muslim world. He is able to assist those who need high levels of discretion, as well as advice and representation that focuses on the particular difficulties that gay people from those regions may face.

Rosy Romano

Rosy has been working with LGBT clients since 2009. She has worked closely both with LGBT associations, by providing advice on asylum matters and human rights related applications as well as appeals. She has also advised numerous LGBT asylum seekers in detention and under the “fast track process”.

Direct emails can be sent to

Amy Smith

Amy is an experienced caseworker advising clients in the LGBTQ community. She focuses on corporate immigration although also takes on family matters quite frequently. She understands the challenges that may come with immigration applications and certain cultures and always handles with a high level of sensitivity and discretion.

Amy is happy to receive emails directly from prospective clients in the LGBTQ community:

Lizama Thahir

Lizama has more than 10 years’ experience of advising LGBTQ clients and has previously worked for a firm that was listed on the Stonewall panel of solicitors. Lizama provides strategic advice to high net-worth and private individuals on the options available to them to regularise their entry or stay on the UK and advises clients on their eligibility for Indefinite Leave to Remain, taking into account any adverse immigration history.

Lizama’s experience of assisting LGBTQ clients enables her to sympathise with any particularly sensitive circumstances that may surround the need for immigration advice to relocate to the UK.  Lizama is also experienced at operating with discretion and confidentiality, with vulnerable clients.

Lizama  is more than  happy to receive emails directly from prospective clients in all communities:

Westkin Associates is an inclusive law form who values the rights of all. We are experienced in dealing with LGBT immigration UK applications and offer comprehensive and approachable services and support. For more information, contact our leading immigration lawyers for confidential, friendly and above else, effective representation.

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