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UK Tier 1 Global Talent Visa

“How do I know if I qualify for Global Talent?”

In order to assess if you would qualify under the Global Talent, we will undertake a pre assessment, where we check you qualifications, awards and previous experience. This costs £400. Once this is completed, this will be refunded from your overall professional fees if you decide to go ahead with us. Our range for this is £4,000 to £8,000. If we confirm that in our opinion you qualify for the Global Talent Visa, your application is guaranteed and your professional fees will be returned if the visa application is not successful.” The UK Global Talent Visa, sometimes known as the Tech Nation Visa, was introduced in February 2020 as a replacement to the Exceptional Talent visa. This route allows those with outstanding skill and leadership in their chosen field to come to the UK to live and work.

What is the UK Tier 1 Global Talent Visa?

This visa catergory encourages leaders in their fields to come to the UK. Individuals working across the domains of science, engineering, medicine and the humanities are eligible to apply. You may also be able to apply if you work across the arts, culture, fashion, or digital technology sectors.

What is the Tech Nation Visa?

Tech Nation is one of the endorsing bodies for this visa type who assess applications made within the UK’s digital technology sector. If you are seeking a Global Talent Visa within any of the tech sub-sectors including fintech, AI, cyber, and games, you will likely use this endorsing body. For other sectors, you will need to gain endorsement from one of the other UK approved endorsing bodies.

What are the benefits of the Global Talent/ Tech Nation Visa?

    • No cap on applicants accepted – Unlike the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, there is no longer a cap on the number of applicants accepted into the UK under this visa category. 
    • No job offer requirement – Applicants are not required to already have a job or sponsor before arriving in the UK.
    • Accelerated pathway to settlement Theis visa type offers participants an accelerated pathway to citizenship akin to the previous scheme.
    • Flexibility on leaving the UK – The UK Global Talent visa permits researchers to travel abroad for long periods to engage in research without said absences counting against your settled status application.
For more information please get in touch with our team. Our Immigration Lawyers are available to offer Global Talent Visa guidance and instruct on your case.

How to apply for the Global Talent Visa

There are four different ways to qualify for the Global Talent Visa. These are: 
  • Peer reviews – requires an endorsement from an approved endorsing body.
  • Senior appointments – granted by British universities, educational and research institutes and are endorsed by the same bodies as the peer views.
  • Fellowships – gained at research institutes or a high education facility which has gained the approval of the endorsing bodies.
  • Endorsed funding –  assessed by the UKRI and offers a fast track to settlement.
These endorsements are largely administered by an approved body which includes the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, Tech Nation, the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the British Academy. If you are unsure which pathway is right for you, our Immigration Lawyers can help. Call our office on  020 7118 4546 or get in touch through our website.

Gaining an endorsement for the Global Talent Visa

Applicants for this visa type will need to gain endorsement in order to have the visa successfully granted. There are 6 endorsing bodies for this visa type, and you will need to choose the one which matches your field of work. For example, individuals working in tech should seek endorsement from Tech Nation. To gain endorsement, applicants will be required to collate the necessary documentation to evidence their talent and support their application. This can be a difficult process, but our skilled legal experts are on hand to assist you. Our lawyers have worked with Global Talent clients from a range of fields including the arts, technology, medicine and more. Our specialist Immigration Lawyers can help you to identify the best endorser for you, and outline their requirements. We tailor your application to meet the demands of the endorsers and to prove why you qualify.  Speak to our Global Talent endorsement team by calling our office on 020 7118 4546 or get in touch through our website.

Does the Global Talent Visa lead to UK Settlement?

Under this visa type, you can apply for settled status just after 5 years if you are working in the fields of science, engineering, humanities or medicine.  After holding settled status for a year, individuals under this visa category may apply for Naturalisation and become a British citizen.

What are the benefits of the Global Talent Visa?

Under this visa scheme, individuals can bring dependents and immediate family members to the UK with them. They will have full access to studying and work in the UK. The scheme also permits an exemption from the absence rule, allowing individuals to travel and work abroad as long as it is relevant to your research. This means visa holders can freely travel for research without worrying about the impact on settlement applications.

Why choose Westkin for your Global Talent Visa

With over 8 decades of experience, our Immigration Lawyers and Solicitors have developed a keen awareness of the specific criteria of the Home Office and approved endorsing bodies. Our specialist legal team has a strong understanding of the requirements of different scientific endorsing bodies, and has worked with a wide range of clients to get their applications approved. We will work tirelessly to tailor your application to meet these demands and get your Global Talent Visa granted. We are especially interested in those who are studying at or have graduated from prestigious universities around the world. Please get in touch to find out how we specialise in this type of visa. The Home Office is notorious for refusing visas for falling short on any aspect of their criteria, or for a perceived lack of clarity. It is, therefore, important to have the best legal advice available. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can assist you with your Global Talent Visa or Tech Nation Visa application.

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UK Global Talent Visa Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Talent visa intends to replace the Exceptional Talent visa and to attracted highly talented foreign nationals to come and work in the UK. Whilst this visa is primarily targeted towards those working in the sciences, humanities, engineering and medicine; it also considers applications from outside of this such as the arts, fashion, culture and digital technology.
The old Exceptional Talent visa is being replaced as it is seen as deficient in drawing in enough talented individuals from abroad. Whilst the visa had a strict cap of 2,000 visas; this was never met, and last year only 600 visas were actually granted. Westkin was one of the few firms successful in gaining exceptional talent visas.
Yes, if you are applying in science, engineering, medicine or the humanities, this may be the fastest route to a settled status in Britain. You can apply for settled after just 3 years, and it does not matter if you have a great deal of experience or if you are just starting off.
One of the great things about the Global Talent visa is its flexibility, under the Global Talent visa you can apply for however much leave you will need. This will mean that if you are only planning to stay for 3 years, you will not need to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge for a full 5 years.
If you are already on the Exceptional Talent visa, you will still be permitted to apply for settled status so long as you are eligible. The qualifying condition for settled status under Exceptional Talent is just 3 years of continuous residence in the UK but for Exceptional Promise is 5 years.
Yes, under the current framework, you can switch from an Exceptional Talent visa to a Global Talent visa. This can help secure your immigrations status and allow you to claim settled status. Once you have claimed settled status for a year, you can apply for naturalisation and become a British citizen free from immigration restrictions.
The Global Talent visa is incredibly flexible permitting you to spend a great deal of time abroad on the grounds of research so long as you are involved in the sciences, engineering or the humanities.
Applications for the Global Talent visa open on the 20th February, but you can contact our expert immigration lawyers before then so that we can get the groundwork done on your behalf. Westkin Associates has had a great deal of success with new visas, and we are confident we will be among the first to be granted this new visa.
The entire process will vary a great deal depending on when we are able to secure your endorsement and the specifics of your case. However, to actually process the visa for an application outside of the UK will only take up to 3 weeks.
No, one of the benefits of the new Global Talent visa is that you don’t need a job offer, the primary concern is ensuring that you have an endorsement from an approved body. Our expert immigration lawyers have had a great deal of success, securing these endorsements in a wide range of fields.
Whilst you are not legally required to employ an immigration lawyer in your application, it is strongly advised that you do. As experts in the field of immigration law, we will work to ensure that all of the applications you submit are correct and that we can act quickly to challenge and appeal any mistakes by the Home Office. Our expert immigration lawyers are only a call away. Phone: 020 7118 4546 or email info@westkin.com


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