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The United Kingdom immigration rules have always encouraged High Net Worth Individuals who have substantial sums to invest in the country. The pro business climate coupled with a resurgent economy makes the U.K one of the world’s most attractive countries to invest in and do business in. Within Europe the United Kingdom is one of the strongest economies and is often the bridge between Europe and the United States of America. The London Stock exchange and the Pound Sterling are global symbols of the United Kingdom’s economic might.

Should you have any questions relating to applying for a Tier 1 investor visa for the United Kingdom do not hestitate to contact us today on info@westkin.com or through the telphone number 0207 118 4546 and you can reach us via the enquiry box on the right hand side of this page.

Our expert lawyers are experienced in UK Tier 1 investor visas and can offer you all the tailored advice necesary for your application to be in the strongest possible position to be accepted.

Aside from the obvious economic benefits of investing in the U.K, the country also has a wealth of cultural and social events meaning that you can mix business with pleasure. This continues with the new investor immigration category. The immigration requirements seek to ensure that not only do an exclusive group of wealthy persons relocate to the United Kingdom but also that they make a substantial financial investment.

The visa was last changed on 6th April 2015 and this page reflects those changes.

Westkin Associates has a wealth of experience in dealing with UK Investor visas. Our specialist team will case manage every detail in your application to ensure that once submitted your application has the strongest possible chance of being granted.

As always with complex and lengthy legal processes it is vital to have a legal team that can take care of all aspects, as well as unforeseen issues, with your application. Contact us today to start your journey on investing in the U.K at info@westkin.com or via the telephone on 0207 1184 546. 

Our teams are on hand to guide you through this incredible worthwhile, yet often complicated and paperwork heavy, application.

Please see our UK Investor Visa page for full details, a summary follows below:

The immigration requirements are that applicants have at least £2,000,000 (2 million pounds) in the United Kingdom, which is their own money and is in a regulated financial institution in this country or any other country which allows for currency transfer.

Although these seem simple, these immigration applications are not only complex but are also made separately to any tax considerations. Among all London immigration solicitors or barristers, our experienced immigration lawyers are on hand not only to assist these immigration applications with speed, discretion and professionalism, but also with guidance on the tax implications for non-domiciled tax status.

Each application is submitted on a case by case basis allowing for our experts to present your case in a manner which will improve the probability of obtaining the outcome that you want.

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