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Westkin Associates: Immigration Lawyers with a difference

We believe that having the strongest practice teams in immigration law gives our clients the best service. We are confident that when you call or get in touch with us, the difference, you will receive that specialise in all aspects of Immigration Law.

Our Immigration Lawyers focus on being the best by being: Honest in all our dealings, Professional and courteous and Focused on getting the job done every Time.

How Westkin’s Immigration Lawyers Work

It is important to treat every case individually and to take the care to find out what the needs to our client -business or personal are. This stars with a phone call, by assessing the needs, we can assign the correct specialist in our offices to your matter through careful assessment of the facts. We believe that you will see the difference yourself once had contact with our immigration lawyers in person or on the telephone.

Whatever the issue give us a please contact us or call on a no-obligation basis. If you prefer to contact us in writing or outside of UK office hours, please use our enquiry box contact form, which is constantly monitored. We promise to respond to all genuine matters, ideally by telephone or in writing with a detailed response as quickly as we can.

After initial contact by telephone or in writing, you can meet the immigration lawyer who will be working on your case. You never pay us any fees until you have met the relevant immigration lawyer and have had a consultation with them. Alternatively, and if that is what you wish, we can arrange to commence the case without you coming in. It remains your choice based on your or your business’s circumstances.

Of course, some clients are content to commence after having spoken to us over a detailed call, but some want the assurance of meeting face to face. We are happy for you to meet us, attend our offices and look around the law firm before signing up with us.

Why book in a consultation with us?

As noted above, this remains your choice and we can commence the process of representing you without a consultation, if that is what you prefer, but if you choose a consultation, this is what you can expect from our market leading consultations:

– We focus on detailed advice, not selling to you;

– We aim to provide a solution to your problem by the of the consultation;

– We will develop with you an action plan that we can both agree upon;

– We follow up the discussion in writing within 24 hours of the end of the consultation;

– We provide a fixed fee quote which is based on the nature of your case. Once we have set a fee, we will stick to that amount.

We want to hear from you, so feel free to call us, or email or use the enquiry box contact form to the top right of this screen to commence your case with us.

Choosing an immigration lawyer in London

As is well known, London is a hotspot for a large number of immigration lawyers and solicitors based in and around London. Potential clients can be overwhelmed with the choice of immigration solicitors and immigration lawyers for their issues.

Westkin Associates and UK Citizenship Partnership

How to choose an immigration lawyer in London.

We have produced a video which we hope will assist potential clients in choosing a lawyer. Due to length, the video is in two parts:

Immigration Lawyers in London (part one)

Immigration Lawyers in London (part two)

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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Westkin Associates
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 8 reviews
by Kiyana on Westkin Associates


I would like to thank Westkin Associates, specially Hooman Mehr whom has been a great and reliable consultant with my case all way through.

At the beginning I had a hard time finding the right firm that is familiar with Entrepreneur Visa. But after my first chat with Hooman, I knew Westkin Associates has got the proper knowledge and professionalism.

I totally recommend Mr Hooman Mehr to anyone who is in the process of applying for an Entrepreneur Visa.

Many Thanks,


by Mrs. L. Davis on Westkin Associates
Westkin is second to none!

The level of support and professionalism I received from Westkin Associates was excellent. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the work Sophia, Yomi, Hassan and Mohammed completed for my cousin’s Medical Visa Application and Appeal.

I knew from the moment I met Sophia and Yomi that I had found the best Immigration Lawyers in London! They were both incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and more importantly, very compassionate. Sophia was superbly efficient, with a remarkable depth of knowledge of Immigration Law; her foresight on all matters with my case was outstanding. She is an expert in her field, and came across as a lawyer with ‘heart’. She is truly a credit to the firm.

Yomi’s advice was invaluable; he has a clear, detailed and up-to-date knowledge of all immigration issues and uses this knowledge in a very efficient way. His careful attention to the smallest details and his far-reaching preparedness was inspirational.

My cousin's Medical Visa appeal was riddled with challenges, but through Hassan's careful organisation of the supporting documents and the brilliance of our barrister, Mohammed, our appeal case was granted.

Westkin is firm that truly cares for its clients; Sophia even sent her colleagues to the appeal hearing to offer their support. On the day we received the appeal determination, our joy was mirrored by Sophia's elation - everyone at Westkin were so happy for my family. It was a moment that I will always cherish.

Thank you, Sophia, Yomi, Hassan and Mohammed. Without your work and support, my cousin and her husband's dreams of completing their family would simply have remained a dream. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for bringing such joy to my family.

by AF and NT on Westkin Associates
Fiancé Visa

We are so happy because thanks to Houman Mehr, my future husband and I will get married soon. (He’s British and I am from Argentina)

Houman was really professional preparing and helping us with all the fiancée visa process and at the same time he gave us all the confidence and the proper treatment for such an important moment.

We still are living in different countries, and when you love each other, being apart is really hard.

I’ve got my fiancé visa and I’m leaving my country in a couple of weeks to join to the man of my life.

We also want to say thanks to Sophia Gandhi, who accompanied us, getting involved in the process.

After getting married we want to do the spouse visa, and of course, we’ll choose them again.

I would also like to thank both Houman and Sophia at Westkin for their Professionalism in dealing with our case. They listened and gave clear advice and after the first meeting I was confident they were the right firm to represent us. Throughout the process both Houman and Sophia were always available to assist in preparing the documentation to support our application which I can report was successful. I would highly recommend Westkin Associates.

by A.R on Westkin Associates
Straight Forward and Unbiased Advice

I had a few inquiry about my case, so I gave Westkin Associates a call to see if they can help me. What surprised me was how helpful and nice they were. Unlike many other firms that ask you 100 questions and then tell you to pay them, they listen to my case and gave me very honest and straight forward advise absolutely free of charge. I really liked there friendly and professional attitude. My special thanks to Sophia who was very helpful and patient.

by N Benzagmoud on Westkin Associates
Best experience with a Law Firm

I would like to thank Westkin Associates , for the clear explanation, at the first meeting everything was made clear to me in respect of cost, how long it might take to get a respond. I had a bad experience with lawyer in the past,I can say that Westkin Associates restored my faith in lawyers.

so thank you especially to: Hassan Mehdi and Yomi Yusuf.

by Timothy Jeans on Westkin Associates
MN1 Application for my adopted son

Whilst on a work assignment in South Africa we adopted an 18 month boy who had been abandoned outside of the orphanage that my wife was helping at. We struggled for a long time with some key documents that we needed from Home Affairs in South Africa. I became very worried because time was running out and started looking for an Imigration Lawyer. I rang quite a few different law firms but felt imediateley confident when I disscussed the situation with Amir from Westkin Associates. After disscussing the options with me he decided that an MN1 application was the best way forward. The application was progressed by Houman who was always accessible and prompt. With the application made the clock was ticking. My overiding concern was that my assignment would end before I had any paperwork that would allow me to bring my son back to the UK. Houman chased the application continuously in a measured and proffesional manner. As time was running out I asked if we could start preparing for a visa in case the application was not sucessful or recived in time. The documents were prepared and this helped me with my stress levels. Houman continued to chase up the MN1 application and eventually the UK BA advised him that the application had been approved. His commitment to the original application saved us a significant amount of money. I would highly recomend Amir and Houman from Westkinassociates.

by evis qendro on Westkin Associates
Great service from Westkin

I have been very impressed with the work carried out by the team at Westkin.

My case was dealt by Yomi Yusuf, Hassan Mehdi and in court by Kelly McCleary.

Their work is thorough, with attention to detail, a truly 5 star service!

by TF on Westkin Associates
Excellent Company wins Appeal and Tribunal

My husband and I as sponsors were represented by Westkin Associates, firstly in an Immigration Appeal for my son and mother, and having helped us to immediately win my son’s appeal; we then attended an Immigration Tribunal in respect of my mother in January 2012.

Initially we worked with Sharan Birring at Westkin who was very good, and we then worked for the bulk of the case with Kelly McClarey. Kelly’s immediate grasp of the facts and the way that they should be presented was extremely impressive and very re-assuring to my wife and I, in what was a fairly complex case, with numerous issues and aspects; and a great deal of nervousness and emotion on our part.

She was immediately able to put us at our ease, and in the relatively short amount of time available, thoroughly prepare us for the Tribunal, and the various challenges that she felt that we needed to overcome together.

When it came to the day of the Tribunal, we were represented in a very eloquent and persuasive manner, with the case being excellently presented, citing a number of aspects of relevant law and pulling all of the detailed components of the case together, to form a very powerful argument to the Judge as to why my Mother’s appeal should be allowed.

After the hearing ended we honestly felt that we had been represented as well as it would be humanly possible to do so, and this gave us great comfort as we commenced the period of waiting prior to receiving the Judge’s verdict.

Fortunately this period did not last very long, and within nine days we heard that our Appeal had been successful, and our family could again be re-united and live properly together in the UK. Words can’t describe the feeling of elation this gave for all of us, and the relief that we felt that justice had been done.

Therefore we simply couldn’t recommend Kelly and Westkin Associates highly enough, and feel that any client seeking a highly intelligent, knowledgeable Lawyer, with a wonderful ability to quickly understand the facts of a case and argue them in the most powerful and effective way, need look no further than to retain them.

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