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Immigration for Individuals

Westkin Associates has a proud history of expert-led legal immigration support for individuals, families and businesses. Our expert immigration lawyers have worked diligently over a collective 8 decades to earn an outstanding reputation and to ensure that all our clients are given the excellent and transparent advice that Westkin Associates is known for.

Our specialist immigration lawyers understand that immigrations applications can be life changing and often comes at very stressful periods. Our legal team seeks to minimise your worries by providing you with transparent high-quality advice which is tailored to the specifics of your legal case.

Key to our legal services is the 6 unbreakable promises we make to all of clients which guarantee transparency, fair pricing and swift service.

What we expect from our clients

1. Be Committed to your case

Central to a strong immigration application is dedication. We ask our clients to provide the required document for their application. Often, they may lack a specific form or ID and we will work with you to find alternatives which will be accepted by the Home Office. However, for us to succeed we will need you to be committed to your case.

2. Be Punctual

Our expert immigration lawyers handle a number of different cases and give each case the time and attention they deserve. We wish to spend as much time as possible working on your case and this requires detailed scheduling. We therefore ask our clients to be punctual with their appointments and court dates. Please understand that if you are late this will be unfair to our other clients so if you are going to be delayed or are unable to make an appointment please notify your caseworker as soon as possible.

3. Honesty

In order for a successful immigration case we need to be fully transparent and we hope our clients are as well. This is important as the Home Office will scrutinise any inconsistencies or misinformation in applications. We rely on our clients to be honest as if there are issues with your application, we can work with you for a successful case. Please inform us from the beginning.

Fixed Fee Consultation

Many of our clients come in initially uncertain on the path they should take. We offer an initial consultation where we advise them on the best course to pursue and answer any questions, they may have. Our staff pride themselves on providing transparent and expert advice during our consultation as in line with our 6 promises.

The standard fee for this consultation is fixed at £125 with potentially no VAT. This cost will be later removed from the cost of your immigration application if you wish to pursue this.

During this consultation we will:

– Address your existing concerns
– Give detailed guidance on the options available to you
– Provide transparent and expert advice on the benefits and potential risks of each option available to you – Provide a clear timescale for your case as well as an estimate of approximate costs for your overall application

Ultimately the decision to pursue our legal services will be left to you but during our consultation we will take note of the relevant information and detail instructions on what is needed next. This way our lawyers can get your case started as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the cost of an interpreter is not included in our fixed fee and may need to be added on.

Our fixed fee consultation offers clients the opportunity to gain a second opinion on their legal matter; have answered any outstanding legal questions; or to see if our legal services are right for you.

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Westkin Associates
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by Aboo hamidi on Westkin Associates
Excellent immigration firm

Westkin associates had carried out a complicated immigration work for my family members, and on all occasions they achieved the best results. I would like to give a special thanks to maha sadar and hassan mehdi who were outstanding and During the process ms Maha Sandra and Hassan Mehdi gave the cases a very personal and caring attention. The firm does immigration in the uk and that's what makes them unique to other firms, who pretend to be doing all areas of the law. I highly recommend this firm to others.

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