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What we do to make sure your visit visa is granted


The UK visit visa allows you to visit the UK for a specific purpose. The visa can be issued in different lengths, ranging from 6 months to 10 years. In the majority of cases, a visit visa will allow you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months, within a period of 12 months.

Although it’s not a legal requirement to have the assistance of a lawyer when you apply for the visit visa, it can be one of the most difficult visas to get granted, and it is highly advised that applicants seek assistance, especially in cases where you have previously had an application refused. The number of refusals which you’ve had for a visit visa can impact your chances of getting one granted in future.

At Westkin Associates, we work with individuals in guiding you through the application process and aim to increase your chances of having your UK visit visa approved going forward.


What process do we go through when helping you with your visit visa?


Most countries outside of Europe must apply for a UK visit visa, and there are different visit visas which you can choose to apply for, ranging from a standard visit visa to a marriage visit visa. You should assess your on circumstances to decide which visa is right for you.

The application process for a UK visit visa includes filling in an online application form with personal details and the purpose of your visit. You will then need to attend a biometric appointment to show your documentation, provide fingerprints and have your photo taken. Following this, you’ll wait for a decision on whether your visit visa has been approved.


What are the common issues faced when applying for the visit visa?


In some instances the application process can be more difficult than others. If you have previously applied for a UK visit visa and have had this refused, or have had a visa refusal from another country, this may affect your chances of being granted a UK visa in future applications.

The more visa refusals you have, the more difficult it may be to get one granted. Because of this, it is not advised that individuals who have had multiple visa requests denied continue to make applications without the help of a lawyer.

The country which you are applying from may also create complications in your application for a UK visit visa, as will having no prior travel history, or a lack of strong connections with your home country (for example, a job to return to). Our lawyers ensure full transparency when helping you with your visit visa application, and will keep you informed on anything which may negatively affect your application.


Visa refusal


In some cases, your application for the visit visa may be refused. In these cases, you may be able to to either re-apply or submit a pre-action letter before claim. A pre-action letter forces the Home office to review your case, and allows you to take them to court if necessary. At Westkin Associates, our lawyers will assess your situation and help to prepare you for these next steps of the process.


Why choose Westkin for your visit visa?


Gaining the visit visa is a highly discretionary process and it can be more ambiguous what is expected from applicants. Our lawyers will assess your situation and will guide you through all of the documents which you would be expected to provide within your visit visa application. We can provide you with templates and letters which you may be required to get, ensuring that the process is catered to your individual circumstances.

For more information on the UK visit visa, you can view our full guide here. If you require assistance with applying for your visit visa, please call our offices at 020 7118 4546 or email at:


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