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Top Immigration Stories From The Week – 16th-22nd October 2020


The top immigration stories and political news of the week, from 16th-22nd October 2020:


1.Johnson expected to wait for US Election results before making a final decision on no-deal Brexit.

It is being speculated that Boris Johnson’s final decision on whether the UK will exit the EU with no-deal will hang on the results of the US Election. Earlier this week, many news stories were released in the British press on the panic within Downing Street over a potential Democrat victory in the United States. According to Ivan Rogers, former UK Ambassador to the EU, Johnson will think ‘history was going his way’ if Donald Trump is reelected as president. A no-deal Brexit could be a hard hit for individuals across the UK, and support from the US would be necessary for the country’s survival.


2.Priti Patel and Boris Johnson have been called out for their ‘anti-lawyer’ rhetorics. 

A collective of Barristers, solicitors, legal academics and retired judges have issued calls for Home Secretary, Priti Patel, and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to apologise for hostile language and aggressive remarks which have been made towards lawyers seeking to hold the government to the law. The group have issued a statement urging Patel and Johnson to stop endangering the safety of lawyers with vicious attacks made towards them. The group have expressed that the wish the Home Secretary and Prime Minster to “behave honourably by apologising for their display of hostility, and to refrain from such attacks in the future”.


3.Courts rule Home Office policy on deportation as unlawful.

A Home Office policy which gives people 72 hours notice that they could face deportation has been ruled as unlawful by courts in the United Kingdom. The process has been found to prevent access to justice and leave individuals in vulnerable positions. More than 4,000 individuals have been removed from the UK under this policy, including members of the Windrush generation. The very short time-frame between individuals being given notice and being deported has left individuals without the necessary time to fight their case. The decision that the policy was unlawful was passed unanimously by the Court of Appeal last week.


4. Many individuals unable to get a National Insurance number in the United Kingdom.

Thousands of individuals who have a right to work in the UK who have arrived in the United Kingdom since March 2020 have been unable to get a National Insurance number, because the government have stopped issuing them during the Covid-19 outbreak. Without an NI number, many individuals may be unable to prove that they have the right to work in the UK, and could face being put onto a higher emergency tax code. Individuals without an NI number may also struggle to open a UK bank account, which could cause further issues in getting paid by employers.

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