In response to the Coronavirus we have increased our telephone & video call appointments, now available 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm

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Thank for sending us an enquiry. One of our UK immigration lawyers will review it and get back to you. For those who want to specify more details about their case there are questions below.

While you wait I wanted to say thank you directly for entrusting us with your enquiry, whether you choose to instruct us or not, even reaching out to a firm can be a big step, especially if you haven’t worked with us before. This is true for both personal and business immigration.

If I may I wanted to set out why I started Westkin and the standards I hope everyone in my firm reaches. 

Why is it so hard to find a competent immigration lawyer?

My experience as an Immigration Barrister going back to 1999, taught me that for all clients, finding an immigration lawyer amongst all the less than savoury firms can be hard. More than hard, it can be frustrating, confusing and dispiriting.  Clients would report firms using unscrupulous tactics, some of which you may have seen:

  • Fake Reviews?
  • Hidden Fees?
  • Law firms pretending that they are bigger than they are?
  • Law firms who don’t state who their lawyers are on their website
  • Dishonest sales people?

I felt immigration clients deserved better. I feel you deserve better.

“When I think about the journey you, as a potential client will take with us, I wanted to ensure you felt at each stage both delight and reassurance.”

Many clients first meet us through our website, so when setting up the firm in 2008, I wanted to ensure that unlike others, we had our lawyers profiles on our website, we featured transparent profiles of our work, 5 star genuine Reviews and easy to contact us options, including an option to book the lawyer of your choice for a free consultation.

I have made sure that our firm is both SRA and OISC qualified and regulated, I think we remain one of the only firms that has achieved this.

In our initial discussions I am sure you will appreciate our honest approach and fair pricing. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive.

Our fees are negotiable fees within reason but remain fixed once agreed for your assurance.

Although I no longer take cases (managing lawyers is a full time job!) I have put together a team of lawyers who I am proud to say cover the full range of UK immigration law with skill and passion.

After your case is completed, we offer full aftercare as an added option, we can remind you when your visa expires and offer consultations on how to ensure you are collecting the correct documents for your next extension all the way to holding a British Passport. 

It remains a matter of great pride to us, when we take someone new to the UK and move them all the way to becoming British. It’s a proud moment for all involved!

“During these turbulent times we remain focused on our core mission – to combine the best traditional ethical values with modern technology and responsive service that you deserve.”

A few points of housekeeping:

Our onboarding team of lawyers will get in touch as soon as possible, this might be at the end of the working day however. They will speak to you about your case and advise you on next steps, whether it is getting started immediately or what we need to do next. 

We only undertake UK immigration cases, if your enquiry is about other countries, moving to Canada or Australia for example, we might not be able to respond.

Equally, as a private law firm, we cannot provide free advice for those who want to undertake their own application, as much as we would like to. If you don’t want us to prepare your whole case, we can provide a document checking service in those circumstances.

Thanks again for choosing Westkin for your journey.

Amir Zaidi

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