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Top 5 Tips for New Immigration Solicitors and Lawyers

Westkin Associates, as a law firm, has a wide variety of experience levels within its immigration lawyers. Some of our staff built up experience as Immigration barristers, others spent time as non-immigration solicitors. Other junior staff are taken on as part of our immigration training programme.

With this variety, we have developed our top 5 tips for immigration solicitors or anyone working for an immigration law firm.

1. Go Slow and Be Clear

Aside from some notable exceptions, most of our immigration clients have English as a second language. This means that although they are energetic, curious and intelligent, they may find, through no fault of their own, it difficult to understand the advice given. Being slow and clear will add to the clients understanding and is should be followed as best practice. Remember, immigration law is technical in nature and often relies upon concepts that are not common sense based. In those circumstances it pays to be clear. It is also right to note that going to slow to explain a client’s situation at the beginning could well save time later in the immigration law process.

2. Dont Overpromise

There is an old saying that most lawyers, whether in visa work or not, learn at law school, that suggests that you should always manage your client’s expectations. This is of course, best practice for immigration lawyers. It is easy to try and solve a distressed clients problems. You want to make the immigration client feel better so you let them know that you will definitely win their immigration appeal. You might be asked about your success rate and you feel concerned that you want to present the best image to your client. It is important that you resist this temptation and do not oversell. Your client will recommend and rate you highly if you are honest, rather than oversell.

3. Do more work

Some lawyers believe that there experience comes from how long they have been undertaking work. You hear of many immigration solicitors talking about their 40 years of immigration work. Of course, this is helpful, but how much variety and how much actual work do they fit into each day. To become an experienced immigration lawyer you actually have to experience immigration law. It sounds like common sense, but in practice it is hard to achieve. Always look around the law firm, look to more senior lawyer and see what immigration cases they are working on, the more variety of cases you work on, the better you will be as a lawyer.

4. Do good

Being a good immigration lawyer is more than simply doing work. Being a good lawyer involves doing good. Try and help your clients as immigration law involves helping the most vulnerable people at very serious times of their lives. Working with them will produce the best outcome.

5. Always follow up with clients

Keep in touch with your clients during the immigration application, they will appreciate the time you take to make sure all is well and that you care for them.

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