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The Islamic Bond: Good news for Islamic UK Investors

Good timing for Islamic UK investors – on Tuesday, October 19, David Cameron confirmed he will be producing an Islamic Bond worth £200 million. The bond is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014, and is set to make London one of the greatest “capitals of Islamic finance“ on the planet.

This is a great time to get a UK Investor Visa.

1.3 trillion

In addition, David Cameron told over 1,800 business and political leaders in London, at the World Islamic Economic Forum, that Britain will get involved with Islamic investments, which is expected to reach 1.3 trillion by 2014.

However, Cameron also promised that both the Islamic Bond (Sukuk) and Islamic index would not support investments which were bias against Israel. Due to concerns that Israeli businesses could be prevented from participation in the project, Boris Johnson was pressured into ordering Transport for London to alter the contract agreement with Emirate Thames cable car.

Britain is open for business

According to a spokesman for the Government:

“”The government’s decision to issue a Sukuk compliant bond is about making sure Britain is open for business – we will not open one door at the expense of another. While the Treasury is still working on the practicalities, we can confirm that the government would never exclude a supplier on nationality grounds.”

Again, the timing has never been better to get a visa for UK Investors.

The investment guidelines and Islamic Law, preventing lenders from charging interest, will be strictly followed by the Sukuk bond.

Largest location of Islamic Finance

London is currently the largest location of Islamic finance not within the Islamic realm.  But, according to David Cameron, the UK has even more ambitious plans. Cameron’s aim is not just to be a great hub of Islamic finance but stand next to Dubai as one of the premiere locations of Islamic finance, globally.

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