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Separating Good and Bad UK Immigration Lawyers

Find out how Westkin is trying to improve immigration law standards

It is difficult to imagine a more vulnerable group of clients than those that are helped by Immigration Law Firms.

Some examples of vulnerability are obvious, those seeking asylum and those who are seeking to remain in the UK citing compassionate circumstances will always need special care. Even those who do not necessarily feel vulnerable have a lot at stake. Having legal permission to remain in the UK is crucial to most people’s lives.

So it makes it much more serious when immigration lawyers let down their clients. The reasons why service standards in this market are so poor are the subject for another blog, but clearly something had to be done.

Westkin has been working with Citizens UK to do improve immigration law firm standards. The project has lots of elements but the key aspects are:

(a)    Education: Immigration clients and community leaders must know what is good practice on the part of immigration solicitors and lawyers. Westkin is working with Citizens UK to help draft a set of guidelines that immigration clients can use to ensure their immigration lawyers are following the correct procedure and of course, best practice.

(b)   Outreach: One of our immigration lawyers – Kelly McClarey has been travelling to various community groups around London to speak directly to clients and community leaders.

(c)    Representation: We are also proud to be the only immigration lawyers involved in a pilot scheme with Westkin to represent clients from a number of community groups around London and beyond.

(d)   Training: Once the pilot is over we will look to train other immigration lawyers to join us in the scheme

We believe that being a good immigration lawyer is more than simply doing work. Being a good lawyer involves doing good. Try and help your clients as immigration law involves helping the most vulnerable people at very serious times of their lives. Working with them will produce the best outcome.

Westkin is now seeking to take this further, seeking to kick start a campaign to improve immigration standards and beyond.

Who are we?

Westkin associates are a team of specialist immigration lawyers and solicitors. We help individuals with their immigration cases, helping them to secure UK visas and make their moves to the UK a reality. For us, working with individuals who have come from troubled or turbulent backgrounds is a common occurrence, and we believe that it is our place to stand up for these individuals. This is why we do what we do.

We promise to keep all data and information entrusted to us confidential and safe. We further promise to ensure that all representations that are submitted by us on your behalf are approved by you before submission. Please note that we are registered with the Information Commissioner and that we have agreed to follow their policies in this respect.

When you choose Westkin Associates as your immigration lawyers you choose a firm that can handle every element of your visa, your visa extension and everything related to setting up in the U.K

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