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Successfully choosing an immigration lawyer: Part 1

Being successful in choosing an reputable immigration lawyer or immigration solicitor can be difficult. Clients are faced with a bewildering choice of legal service provider and that is even before they have answered the question as to whether they need an immigration law firm in the first place.

We think that there are key methods to choosing any professional advisors, not just in visa and immigration work. We list our top 10 lists below:

1. Dont choose a lawyer based on their ethnicity

This is both the most important point, but perhaps also the most controversial. There is a natural temptation on the part of clients to choose an immigration lawyer from their own ethnic group. This might be for good reason to do with language or for less good reasons – to do with trust. It should not be thought that simply because a lawyer is the same ethnicity as you, that he is more trust worthy than a solictor of a different ethnicity. The general evidence actually suggests in the field of immigration, that the contrary is true. Immigration solicitors from the same ethnicity as their clients tend to treat those clients badly.

2. Language

The second issue is language, I think it is better to go to a good lawyer who doesnt speak your language and make arrangements for translation rather than a not so good immigration lawyer who doesnt actually undertake the work properly.

3. Do you actually need a lawyer for case?

Think about whether you actually need a lawyer for the case. It is usually the case that a good lawyer will add value as they use best practice, but our view is that doing it yourself is better than doing it through a bad lawyer.

4. Free Consultations?

These are useful to understand if the lawyer is good at their job or not, but there is the temptation to ring a number of lawyers and then to actually try and piece together all the information and hope it becomes a case. Our view is that you should speal to the lawyer, try and focus on the good points for each lawyer and head down to a consultation for the one you actually like.

5. Paying by credit card down the telephone.

This should never be done, any firm that exposes you to having to pay before you have even been to their offices might not even probably exist. Even if they do exist, once they have he clients money, their incentive to do a good job is reduced.

6. Paid consultations.

We think these are useful, if you really want a consultation that is not a sales pitch, pay for it, if you want to be exposed to a sales pitch then take a free consultation. Remember if a lawyer has given you a free consultation, he will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to sign up. In order to get the truth, pay for it.

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