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Offering Safe Routes For Refugees is Critical For The UK


For many years now, discussions have been rife in the United Kingdom on how the country should respond to individuals making precarious journeys across the channel to the hopeful safety of British soil.

Since the body of a young Syrian toddler, Alan Kurdi, was pictured washed up on a Turkish beach after making a precarious journey overseas, many global leaders have made promises to offer more safe and legal routes, but since this shocking event, little change has been made.

Proof of this has been shown just this week, with the death of two young Iranian children, whose lives were lost after the boat they were travelling on in an attempt to reach the UK capsized. The incident is being referred to as one of the worst catastrophe’s of its nature in the Channel.

At this point in time, under the current political climate world wide, it has never been more important to remember this: nobody would put themselves and their children into the precarious and unsafe position of having to make such a dangerous trip, unless they were fleeing a much greater danger in their home country. In these instances, compassion is essential.

As long as there is danger to flee from, individuals will continue to make the decision to make such a dangerous journey, and so it is the duty of world leaders to make the journey less precarious. We believe that offering safe and legal routes for refugees will help to support those who need to seek asylum.

The current UK government, including the Home Secretary and Prime Minister, have been building an increasingly hostile rhetoric around refugees, putting fear into the British public and forcing people to view asylum seekers as “alien” or “other”. To ensure safety for all, this rhetoric must end.

The home secretary, Priti Patel, has called the asylum system “fundamentally broken” and promised new laws to deny asylum to those using illegal routes to enter the UK. We believe this is wrong. Migrants are always going to risk their lives in order to reach the UK. It is our responsibility to assist those who are in need.

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