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Proposed Civil Partner Visa UK

When you need to make important decisions about important people, Westkin Associates is on hand to assist you. We understand the complexity and emotional significance of applying for visas which involve your loved ones, and our team of experienced immigration lawyers in London tailor each case to support and meet the needs of the applicant. We have a high success rate in helping individuals to secure their proposed civil partner visas.

Our team of proposed Civil Partners immigration specialists are fully trained in managing same sex fiance visas, and are experienced within all aspects of the application process. Westkin can assure you of full confidentiality and security when you consult us about your case. You may be unsure or worried about the process of consulting legal assistance for your visa, but our team is on hand to guide you through.

“Westkin Associates provided invaluable support leading to a successful spouse visa. They were patient, courteous, quick to provide answers and advice, and managed the whole process incredibly smoothly. The company is reasonably priced considering the time involved in ensuring compliance with all the protocols and paperwork. This is well worth the investment to ensure your best chances of success. Recommended without reservation!” – Adam Green

Contact us today on 020 8038 2309 or through our website for a cost-free, commitment-free chat with a member of our team about your proposed civil partner UK visa.

What is a proposed civil partner visa?

The “proposed civil partner” visa is similar to the fiancé visa. The application must be submitted from outside the UK and if the application is successful, it will allow for the foreign national to enter the UK for up to 6 months for the purpose of entering into a civil partnership. Once the civil partnership is legalised, the foreign national will then be able to switch in the UK into a civil partnership visa.

Our immigration lawyers are well experienced within Fiancé and proposed civil partnership visas and can guide you through the complex legal requirements. When it comes to such an important decision Westkin Associates are the leading immigration experts to give your application the greatest opportunity of success. Our  knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated staff are on hand to help you bring that special person back into your life. 

Below we have listed the key requirement related to this specific application. The requirements are intended as a guideline only, and we suggest that you contact our team for further information and assistance with your case.

Proposed Civil Partner UK requirements

  • The applicant and the sponsor need not have lived together but they must prove that they are in a genuine and subsisting relationship.
  • The applicant and the sponsor must prove they can financially support themselves throughout the duration of the applicant’s stay in the UK. The Immigration Rules have mandatory financial requirements. Currently, it states that the sponsor must earn at least 18,600 per annum though any shortfall in this salary may be met through personal savings.
  • The applicant and the sponsor intend to enter into a legal civil partnership within 6 months of when the visa is issued.

When rules seem complex, our team of immigration professionals can make the process easier for you, by offering simple, clear and concise advice, helping you to build the strongest application possible. Our experienced immigration teams in central London can support you through every step of a proposed civil partners application and work with you to pass the strict criteria. We promise professionalism and security through every step of your case, and we abide by six unbreakable promises to assure you of this.

“When I decided to apply for a UK partner visa, I had no idea where to start. Then I found Westkin Associates. Not only did they walk me effortlessly through a very complicated process — they did it with warmth and patience and humor. And they were always there for me when I needed them. The application was successful and painless. If you have any UK immigration issues, you can do no better than to let them be your guides!” – Paul Rubell

Whether you’re worried about your loved one’s security in the UK, or you need general assistance with your proposed civil partner visa application, our team is on hand to help. Call our office on 020 8038 2309 or reach out through our website for assistance with your case today.

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