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Indefinite Leave to Remain is a form of permanent residency that exists in the UK, the equivalent in the United States being a Green Card. As many Immigration Solicitors are aware, It can often takes a considerable number of years residing in the UK before you can get indefinite leave to remain.

Here are the 10 of the many benefits of holding ILR;

1. Free to work in the UK at any given time

For all intents and purposes, you are economically British, you can take any job in the UK for any employer, no sponsorship needed, no restrictions apply! Roles that require travelling abroad can now be taken freely without worry, no more worrying about days out of the country.

2. People will not be subject to any restrictions on how much they can work, so you can tell potential employers that you are here permanently.

You can look wavering employers in the eye and tell them – what part of “indefinite” do you not understand?

3. Self-Employment or start a company.

Once you have ILR you can be self employed and run a company as a director, either in combination with or outside of a normal job. Time to get that start-up business plan ready!

4. Access the NHS without paying the surcharge!

As in indefinite leave holder, you can rest easy knowing you never need to pay the Health Surcharge. You can access healthcare when holding ILR free of charge! (of course you have still paid in already through your taxes, so not quite free!)

5. Your Children automatically become British when holding you hold Indefinite Leave

When holding ILR, any child born to you in the UK will automatically be entitled to British Nationality and a Passport. Thankfully they will be far too young to be feel superior to you about it!

6. Investor Visa holders can sell all investments

Once you have Indefinite Leave to remain, Investor Visa holders can sell their investments in products such as UK Government bonds and invest in their passion – REAL ESTATE AND PROPERTY!.

7. You are only 1 year away from getting British Nationality

Most people with Indefinite Leave like to play it cool – “why do I need the British Passport? I have ILR!!”

But they still make sure they apply for the Nationality the day they qualify!

8. You are allowed 2 years outside the UK and able to keep ILR.

You spent so long living in the UK to get ILR, and as soon as you do you want to make sure you spend as much time outside the UK! Remember you cannot be outside the UK for more than 2 years if you want to ensure you keep the status!

9. You are still able to keep your existing nationality

Whilst the UK is content to allow for dual nationality, not all countries allow this, if you want to keep your existing nationality – then ILR will allow you to be permanently in the UK without giving up your existing nationality.

Watch out for:

An any immigration lawyer will tell you, be aware of the dangers of holding ILR, you an be refused help from the UK embassy or Consulate when abroad, and if you travel to your home country, the UK authorities are unlikely to intervene if you face any trouble.

If you would like a serious discussion about Indefinite Leave to remain give our lawyers a call today.

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