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New UK Immigration Points Based System Complete Guide


The UK Home Secretary has announced today the launch of a new points-based immigration system which will be an overhaul of the existing system geared towards attracting highly talented UK migrants and entrepreneurs from all over the world. To learn about your rights under the new system, contact us as soon as possible.

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How does the new Points Based System work?

The new points-based system which will be introduced on the 1st January 2021 will require those hoping to work in the UK to meet a points-based threshold. You will be required to have at least 70 points under this system and points are awarded to applicants for a number of different reasons.

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How to earn points under the new immigration system

If you meet the following requirements, you will get a specified number of points.

  • If you can speak English – 10 points
  • If you have a job offer – 20 points
  • If you have a Job offer with at a sufficient skill level – 20 points
  • If your salary range between £23,040 – £25,599 – 10 points
  • If your salary range over £25,600 – 20 points
  • If your job is on the shortage occupation list – 20 points
  • If you have a PhD – 10 points
  • If you have a PhD in science, technology, maths or engineering – 20 points
  • If you have a PhD relevant to your field of work – 20 points

It should be noted that if your salary falls between £20,480-£23,039, you will not gain any further points under this system. Furthermore, if you are coming to work for the National Healthcare Service (NHS), you will be granted additional points, and there are no limits on visas for those applying for these roles.

The points-based system can be confusing for further clarification call 020 7118 4546 or email: info@westkin.com

Which occupations does this system favour?

The stated goal of the immigration reforms is to attract highly talented foreign nationals, specifically ones working within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields. Simultaneously the government wants to discourage low-skilled migrants with salaries less than £20,000.

Whilst these are the stated goals of the new system the government has opened the pathway for those on the shortage occupation list which include those doing vital work for the NHS. In addition, the government will offer visas for a broad range of industries including digital technology, the humanities and the arts.

It is also important to note that the definition of “skilled work” has been reduced from graduate-level jobs to any jobs catered to those with A-level qualifications. A-levels are a qualification aimed at school leavers aged 16-18; the UK will accept international equivalents.

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What is the minimum salary needed for a UK visa?

Under the new system, migrants working in the UK will face a salary threshold of £25,600. This is actually a reduced threshold which was previously set at £30,000 for skilled workers. You may still be eligible to come to work in the UK if you can make up for this in points; however, the set minimum is £20,480.

If you are an employer or an employee, it’s good to get legal advice—call 020 7118 4546 or email: info@westkin.com to learn more about how these new rules work.

EU Settlement Scheme

The most dramatic change in this system is the equalising between EU and non-EU applicants. This is due to Britain’s recent decision to leave the EU, known as Brexit. This will Britain’s freedom of movement agreement with the EU, and as a result, Europeans will no longer be able to come, work or reside in the UK freely. The fact that EU nationals will be subject to the same immigration controls as their non-EU counterparts, meaning that they may be subject to enforced removal.

It is important to note that even if you are a permanent residency holder, you and any family members not holding a British passport must apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.

Learn more about the EU Settlement Scheme.

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NHS Visa

As part of the government’s programme, they will be rolling out a new visa for healthcare professionals with a job offer from the NHS. This visa will be fast-tracked and is specifically geared to enable those who are already able to speak English and have sufficient training to make an easy transition to working in the UK.

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Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Visa is a new visa which will be rolled out on the 20th February 2020. It is to replace the old Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, which was seen as being too strict and excluding a great pool of talent from making their lives in the UK.

This is one of the few visas which will not require that applicants have a job offer in the UK and is primarily geared towards leading experts in the STEM fields but is also available for those operating in the fashion, the humanities and a wide variety of different fields.

Learn more about the Global Talent Visa.

Westkin Associates are one of the few firms to secure both Exceptional Talent and Exceptional Promise visas under the old system. We are confident we can secure you a Global Talent visa.

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Immigration Cases


The new immigration system will be introduced on the 1st January 2021, which is directly after the transition period, which ends on the 31st December 2020. During this immigration period, the rules will remain the same meaning that EU nationals can cross freely into the UK; however, after this, they will be subject to the same restrictions as non-EU nationals.
In the Home Office guidance, they specify that they will not be issuing a new visa for self-employed people. Nor will a route be opened for freelance workers. There are options available for self-employed workers seeking to come to the UK, which includes the innovator and start-up visa routes. Our specialist Tier 2 business visa team are more than happy to assist you with applications for this route.
It’s important that employers are aware of the rules and regulations they are placed under. Employing a foreign worker without paying him an adequate salary or one which does not have leave to remain may lead to penalties being imposed by the Home Office. Worse yet this could lead to you having your sponsorship licence revoked. To learn what you need to do, call our lawyers.
The Home Office has specified that international systems will be covered by the new system so long as they can show that they have received an offer from a UK educational institution, they speak English, and they can support themselves during their stay. There is also a post-study work visa which will enable students to continue their stay post-studies.
If you don’t have a job, there are still different pathways open. There is the innovator visa and start-up visa for those interested in starting up their own business. Alternatively, there is the Global Talent visa designed for experts and researchers from a broad range of fields, although it is primarily targeted towards those working in the sciences.
The minimum salary threshold for a UK visa is £20,480; however, the key is ensuring that you meet the 70 points required under the system. This will likely mean that you have already secured a job offer and can speak English to a sufficient standard. The government will favour high skilled and highly paid jobs over less well paid and less experienced jobs.
It is important that whilst the government is focused primarily on skilled migration, the actual definition of skilled migration has changed. Skilled migration used to only define a job which was aimed at a graduate level, for those who had a university degree, it is now aimed at those who have A-level qualifications.
Yes, it is mandatory for all EU nationals residing in the UK, along with non-EU family members, to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. The deadline for this scheme is the 30th June 2021, but you must also have secure leave past the 31st December, the end of the transition period.
The Global Talent visa aims to replace the Exceptional Talent visa route, which was identified as being far tougher and failing to allow many talented migrants to come to the UK. Westkin Lawyers have been effective in securing visas under the previous route despite the difficulty. To learn how we can support you with the Global Talent visa, call us.
Scotland is currently facing a crisis due to its ageing population and is eager to attract migrants who will help to rejuvenate the Scottish economy. However, under the current framework of devolved powers within the Union; the Scottish parliament cannot issue its own immigration controls. It appears unlikely that this visa will come into fruition.


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