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If you’re looking for informed legal commentary on pressing immigration issues, our wealth of experience virtually guarantees that we’ll be able to help.

Initial enquiries should be addressed to Amir Zaidi on amir.zaidi@westkin.com. Enquiries on specific legal issues will then be directed to the appropriate partner.

We are able to comment in print, radio, television and all forms of online media including podcasts on the following issues:


As Immigration Lawyers, we are genuinely proud to have industry leading lawyers who have worked in leading asylum cases, and we are aware of how stressful an asylum appeal can be. Asylum appeals are heard in the First-tier Tribunal. The Tribunal’s role is to hear and decide appeals against decisions made by the UK Border Agency’s officers in the UK. The first tier Tribunal is a type of court, and there are numerous courts around the UK. We can offer comment on our process of working with individuals who are seeking asylum in the UK.

Commercial Immigration

Also known as business immigration, we work with a wide range of business clients, helping them to set up or run businesses within the UK. We work with individuals across a wide range of fields, including those with start-up businesses, and those with well established businesses. We are happy to offer media commentary on our work in commercial immigration.

Managed Migration

Illegal Working

Marriage Visas, Same Sex And Gay Relationships Visas

We work on a number of cases which involve individuals who want to move to the UK under a marriage visa. Many of our cases have involved individuals who are seeking asylum in the United Kingdom based on their sexuality. In many countries, being in a same sex partnership is punishable by imprisonment, so we provide the utmost care and privacy when it comes to these cases. We are available to discuss our process when it comes to supporting individuals with marriage visas, same sex and gay relationship visas.

Immigration ChangesInvestment Visas / Visas for High Net Worth Individuals

One of the exclusive services that we provide is to High Net Worth individuals. Our experience and success in this particular area of immigration means that we understand the needs of this particular set of clientele and can micro manage each individual detail of the visa application process, ensuring that we deliver on results every time. Our experience in working with high net worth clients means that with Westkin Associates your application is in the safest of hands. We are featured in the U.K.T.I’s Inward Investor Support Network demonstrating our experience and knowledge.

Visas issues for Celebrities and those in the Public Eye

Westkin Associates works with a range of clients and increasingly has assisted public figures and celebrities with their immigration requirements for visiting and or working in the U.K.  Our discreet, quick and efficient service means that we can handle every step of the application process for high profile individuals and celebrities requiring a UK visa. We offer a highly discretionary service, and are available to comment on our process with these types of application.

If you are interested in a comment from leading immigration lawyers and solicitors on one of the above immigration matters, please do get in touch with Amir Zaidi on amir.zaidi@westkin.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your query.

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