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Why do we ask you to leave a review of our lawyers?

Lawyers are traditional by nature, our training highlights the long traditions of our profession, the footsteps of the those who went before us.

But tradition in a modern world can be hard to achieve. This is true of reviews. Online businesses like Amazon.com have changed all of that and added a new stage to the buying experience: checking out the reviews.

Is this appropriate to immigration law?

We believe so, although there are clear examples of immigration law firms filing fake reviews, these are usually easy to spot. Overall, we think having reviews are a good thing.
Here is why:
1. It provides our potential clients with clear examples of the work we do and reassurance that we are good at our jobs.

2. It also allows clients to actually choose which of our lawyers they think would work best for their immigration case. These can be segmented by the type of case or by the type of service each lawyer provides.

3. It also provides us with internal feedback on how our lawyers are doing. This means we can correct any issues that might have arisen or also give some of our immigration lawyers prizes. Last year Hateem Ali won a Nespresso coffee machine for outstanding reviews!!

But perhaps the most important reason is that it provides lines of communication between Westkin and our immigration law clients. The days of top down communication is over. We have to see our clients as equal partners. They improve our business as we improve their lives.

So when we have provided you with advice or won your case for you, we will be happy. We may ask you for a review, if we do ask, please say yes.

It helps fellow migrants stay away from bad advisors, it allows us to improve our standards and it might just win your immigration lawyer a new coffee machine !

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