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Immigration Appeals

Our specialist UK immigration lawyers are based in Mayfair, London and have supported hundreds of clients to overturn immigration and visa refusals. Our immigration lawyers are trained to instantly advise you on whether you should appeal, seek a review or reapply.

We instruct the best barristers so you can be sure that we will be as prepared as possible in order to have a successful appeal.

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Why choose Westkin Associates

Hundreds of successful appeals

Westkin Associates has launched hundreds of successful appeals on behalf of our clients

Trusted by over 41,000 individuals and businesses

Since our founding, Westkin Associates has provided high-quality legal advice and services to more than 41,000 different clients on matters ranging from deportation to spousal visas to start-up businesses and multi-national companies.

Can undertake judicial reviews

Westkin Associates is an exceptional law firm which is regulated by the OISC to the highest level. We are one of the few law firms permitted to undertake the work for a judicial review, and we will work tirelessly to ensure a successful appeal of any mistake made by the Home Office.

For expert legal advice call 020 7118 4546 or emailing info@westkin.com

Immigration appeal success stories

Children – Not biological family

An applicant came to us requesting entry to the UK as a British citizen as she was the daughter of the British citizen. It was revealed that she was not the biological daughter of a British citizen but played a vital role in looking after her younger siblings. We made an application outside of the rules and was able to convince the judges to appeal the Home Office’s decision.

Deportation – Appeal on family life

A Nigerian national who had never held leave to remain was set to be deported by the Home Office. He had come to the UK as a child and whilst his family was granted indefinite leave to remain (ILR), in 2010 he was convicted of drug offences and was subsequently not grated ILR when the rest of his family were. Our client had a child with a partner who suffered from autism and took on a parental role for his partner’s other child. By highlighting the exceptional circumstances of his case and the detrimental impact his removal would have on his family, we successfully appealed the Home Office’s decision.

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Hear from our clients

“Their ability to deal with an anxious client professionally and in a friendly manner. They turned my hopeless case into a winning case”.

“Last month I had my Appeal allowed in the First-tier Tribunal, and after this successful alliance with Westkin I have no doubt in declaring they are best in professionalism, expertise, customer service and advice”.

“Absolutely the best value for money”.

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What to do if your application is refused?

We understand that receiving a refusal letter from the Home Office can be heart-breaking. That is why our expert immigration lawyers offer a free initial conversation and a free assessment of your refusal letter. 

During this conversation, we will discuss your application and the options available to you. We will request a copy of your refusal letter and invite you to a consultation in our offices.

During this consultation, our expert immigration lawyers will examine your refusal letter in detail and will lay out your prospects for success. In certain cases, it may be quicker to reapply whilst others in other cases; it is better to appeal the decision. It is important to receive honest legal advice on these matters from lawyers who are trusted.

Here at Westkin Associates, we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency; hence why we will provide you with a fixed quotation of legal fees for your case. Each case is individual, and we will give you a price in accordance with the specific details of your case.

For first-class immigration advice and representation call 020 7118 4546 or emailing info@westkin.com

How we handle appeals

Westkin Associates has over 20 trained immigration specialists with over 80 years of combined experience. Our specialist appeals team has worked on every aspect of immigration law, and we confident they can deliver results you will be happy with. Our specialist team has devised an action plan for appeals which you can learn more about by watching the videos below.

How our appeals process works


Our support during the hearing


For more information, you can speak to our specialist appeals team at 020 7118 4546 or emailing info@westkin.com

Immigration hearing soon?

A number of our clients contact us before their hearing date as they are not content with the lawyers they have at the time. Many clients will not have instructed lawyers at all and now feel like they would like to have one on the day. We can arrange this for you.

Our expert immigration can offer you crucial advice for your hearing.

Just call 020 7118 4546 or emailing info@westkin.com for more info.

What we do for you

Our immigration specialists provide a number of services for clients who wish to appeal a refusal from the Home Office. These include:

  1. Handling the case from start to finish.
  2. We fully prepare vital documents, such as the witness statements and skeleton arguments.
  3. We advise on what documentation is required to take to court.
  4. We instruct counsel on your behalf where necessary.
  5. We organise to ensure all timing deadlines are met.
  6. The bundles are prepared in a professional way so that they include full indexing, pagination and copies made to all necessary parties.
  7. We brief the client so that they know what to expect on the day.
  8. We ensure we do what we can to give your case the best chance of success.
  9. Once the appeal is allowed, we will follow up to ensure your visa is endorsed as soon as possible.
  10. Should the appeal be dismissed, we will advise you on what options you may have then.

To learn more about our services call 020 7118 4546 or email: info@westkin.com

How we win your immigration case

After our specialist immigration lawyers have received your refusal letter, we will work tirelessly to address each point raised in the letter. During our consultation, we will detail our action plan and outline your prospects for success as well as how we can strengthen your case.

It should be noted that grounds for appeal are raised against the reasons the Home Office have given for refusal. This means that applicants will not be asked to meet all the requirements for the immigration refusal again, but instead, they must simply address the criticism of the Home Office.

Given how important it is to lodge the appeal forms in time, our immigration lawyers often lodge your appeal before taking any professional fees.

As soon as the notice to appeal is submitted, the tribunals will respond in writing with the hearing date. In the meantime, we work with the client to ensure everything is well-prepared beforehand. This includes making sure we have a clear line of argument, as well as setting a time scale and list of documents prepared before the appeal.

Usually five days before the appeal date, we need to send the appeal bundles out to the relevant third parties, such as barristers, courts and the Home Office, therefore in our timeline, we aim to ensure everything is set out to meet our target.

During those final five days, we invite our clients to a conference to brief them on what they should expect in court. This is to ensure they are confident and comfortable of the procedures, as well as knowing where to go, what time to arrive, the formalities of attending court, and what questions they may be asked.

When the hearing day arrives, we strive to make sure our clients are not outspoken in court by instructing only the best barristers or using our own in-house specialist lawyers.

Whether we instruct barristers or use our own in-house specialist lawyers, they will be fully aware of the facts of the case and will often be involved with the preparation process too.

To get the best legal advice call 020 7118 4546 or email: info@westkin.com

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