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Hungary – Recent Updates In Regards To The Migrant Crisis

In today’s blog post we shall be continuing to comment and examine on the recent developments across Europe in regards to the migrant crisis.

The humantarian crisis has been unfolding across Europe over the past year and shows no signs of abating as politicians across the continent face renewed pressure to act. Many fear that governments are not doing enough to aid the wave of migrants from the Middle East and Nothern Africa whilst others have criticised leaders for failing to protect their countries’ boarders. The huge influx of immigrants fleeing poverty, persecussion and war has divided Europe and lead to crisis talks amongst top officials.

Whilst no one solution has been decided on, many countries have accepted refugees with Germany agreeing to accept some 800,00 per year over the next 5 years. The UK Government recently committed to accept more refugees following due to increased public pressure.

In today’s developments the Hungarian Government has announced plans to introduce increasingly strict laws to stop migrants from illegally entering the country and has announced an official state of emergency which would allow troops to be deployed.

In 2014, Hungary granted asylum to 260 people and protected status to a similar number out of 43,000 applicants. Since the start of September, 35,000 migrants have been registered by the police, bringing the total to more than 200,000 for the year.Hungary also warned that if refugees had not applied for asylum in Serbia, a country that it deems to be safe, then their application for asylum in Hungary would almost certainly be refused.

Pressure is growing across Europe for countries to be doing more to aid the refugees and the EU is exploring the idea of introducing mandatory quotas for states to accept a certain amount of refugees. Although imposing a temporary limit to entry, Germany in principal has agreed to this proposal and has suggested that should countries fail to meet these quoatas then EU funding should be reduced.

Refugees fear that Hungary’s latest clampdown will limit their ability to travel freely into western Europe where they feel that their claims will stand more chance of being accepted. The Austrian Government has refused to deport migrants to Hungary, where they can face potential arrest, citing that the situation is no longer safe for them.

With no clear end to the current refugee crisis in sight many across Europe is divided on the matter. The recent UK Government’s change in position has exemplified how many states are ramping up their efforts to assist refugees in response to very vocal, public criticism. Outside of Europe, Australia and the U.S.A have agreed to accept migrants as they scale of the crisis increases.

With news headlines set to be dominated by this story in the foreseeable future, migration is once again back on the political agenda of most Governments and public.

What do you make of the recent developments? Should Britain do more to aid refugees? Leave your comments below.

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