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10 tips On How To Choose The Best OISC Immigration Advisor.

The OISC provides an advisor finder service which list all regulated for profit and not for profit providers. How do you find the best OISC advisor?

Here are our best tips in finishing a lawyer regulated by the OISC.

Choose a firm that is established. You would rather choose a firm that had just opened recently, a law firm that is established has shown itself to be able to provide reliable service for sometime. One way to do this is to look at the regulation number of the organisation, the first four digits refer to the year that the organisation was registered. If the digit starts with 2009, this means the firm has been in existence since 2009.

Look at the website, do the lawyers and other advisors appear on the website? If not, then this may be a warning sign. If the lawyers appear on the website this may suggest that they are more transparent about the lawyers who work for them.

Call them on the telephone, although you may not get through to a lawyer straight away, when you do, See if they will give you enough time to explain your case and to start giving you preliminary advice without seeking to rush you, essentially give you the time to be reassured. That’s the kind of firm which will give you time once your case is started and not just see you as another number, And that’s the firm that it may be worth paying a little bit more for.

don’t overpay but don’t go for the cheapest option either. There are plenty of firms that take on lots of work and charge GPs, be wary of this, whilst you shouldn’t pay exorbitant fees, pain just a little bit more in the fees might be worthwhile. Bear in mind that if they mess up your case you will have to repay the Home Office fees which can often be more than the lawyers professional fees. Therefore paying a little bit more save you a lot more money in the future.

No-win no fee sounds too good to be true, this is because it is. Many clients are taken in by no-win no fee arrangements. They sound too good to be true you only pay if you get the Visa, but of course this does not create an incentive for the lawyer to do a great job on your case despite what you may think. Most lawfirms to do no-win no fee take on a huge number of cases and do so knowing that if they process as many as possible some will be successful as I will not but bearing in mind they were not able to get the work Without offering no-win no fee, their quality of work maybe shortly.

They will put in 10 applications knowing that five will naturally go through and so they will be paid on the five but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to work hard on the case. Also no-win no fee firms do not pay your Home Office fees if the case is not successful.

Meet the lawyer first, it is worth taking an hour also to meet an immigration lawyer who may not be local, but you think will do the best job, it is important that you do so because immigration cases whether it’s to visit the UK move to the UK or remain in the UK are one of the most important things you can have in your life.Do not seek to give somebody your case unless you’ve met them first and feel confident that they will do a great job, use your gut once you’ve met them and if you like them ensure that you sign up with them before someone else does.

Document to case until you have an engagement letter. Well it’s not crucial that you formally signed engagement letter, you should have one before you make any payment. And engagement letter which is also known as a client care letter is a document which sets out in summary the advice you’ve been given, the immigration history you explain to the lawyer, the fees, because I’m in fees and general terms and conditions. This can be prepared on the day that you meet the lawyer but you should not make a payment until you have one.

Assess how busy the lawyer is by how quickly they send you their client care or engagement letter, if they are able to do it on the day or within 24 hours this is a good sign that they have capacity in their working week to commence your case. If a lawyer spends a few days i.e. more than 2 to send you an engagement letter it may well be that they’re too busy to take on your case.
Try not to pay the entire professional fees upfront, It is best to pay something around 4:30 slightly less than half to start your case and then make prompt payments when requested. To keep it simple it may be best to have payments in two instalments.

Once you get the visa do the following things, If you’re happy with the service use the lawyer again for your extension applications, refer the lawyer to the friends and family and if they ask you to leave a review, do so, As you want to encourage the good firms to continue and the bad firms not to.

At Westkin we think we do a good job for clients and so if you have an immigration case give us a call and give us a try.

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