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Proving your marriage is genuine for a spouse visa


If you are married to, engaged to, or in a civil partnership with a UK citizen, you may be looking to apply for a spouse visa to allow you to join them living in the UK. The UK Spouse visa, also known as the UK partner visa, is available for non-UK residents who are over 18 years old.

If you are granted a UK spouse visa, you will have the right to live and work in the UK with the same rights as a UK citizen, for a set period of time.


How do you prove your marriage or relationship is genuine?


Individuals who apply for the spouse visa will have to meet the general requirements before the visa can be granted. One of the most important requirements for you to consider is being able to prove your relationship with your spouse through a ‘Genuine Relationship Test’. In this process, the applicant and their sponsor who is living in the UK will need to be able to provide evidence that their relationship is real.

There is no exact guidance in the UK immigration rules on how applicants should prove that their relationship is real, however the general guidelines are that evidence should be presented which shows the relationship is ‘genuine and subsiding’. This means that you should be able to provide evidence that the relationship is legitimate and intended to be long-lasting.

For individuals who are married to their partner and need to provide evidence that their marriage is legitimate, they can do so in a number of ways. Often, it is required that you and your partner can provide more than just a marriage certificate to prove that the marriage is genuine. Applications made with just a marriage certificate are often deemed by the Home Office as not having enough substantial evidence of the relationship. This is to stop individuals who have got married only in an attempt to get their visa from qualifying. Below is some further supporting evidence that you can provide to show that your marriage is genuine:

  • Your marriage or civil partnership certificate, or the local equivalent of this document.

  • If you or your partner have previously been married, you should provide a divorce certificate.

  • Individuals can provide evidence of cohabitation. This can be a bill or a letter in a joint name.

  • Some individuals choose to provide statements from family members or friends who can attest to the fact that the relationship is legitimate.

  • Personal possessions such as travel itineraries showing trips that you and your partner have taken together, and photographs of your relationship showing its chronology and the length of time you have been together will help to support your case.

  • Evidence of ongoing communication between yourself and your partner over a period of time. This can range from emails to call logs, texts or Facebook messages.


Why choose Westkin for your spouse visa?


Our lawyers have helped a huge number of individuals with their UK spouse visas. We will guide you through the process of being able to meet the accommodation requirements, finance requirements and proof of relationship requirements, and ensuring you have the correct paperwork to meet these requirements. Our lawyers will help to make sure that you have met all of the mandatory requirements for the visa.

Because there are no exact guidelines from the Home Office on the evidence needed to prove a marriage as genuine, many applicants struggle with the process. At Westkin associates, we have helped many people with their spouse visas, from married to unmarried partners. 

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