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Home Office stats 2015

In today’s blog post we will continue with our latest entry into our ongoing serious exploring the latest Home Office immigration statistics.

Published quarterly, the Home Office statistics revel key information as to migration into and out of the United Kingdom. The figures are used to assess how current immigration policies are working, where immigrants are migrating from, the purpose of their visit (work/study/visit) as well as other important metrics. The information is also used to dictate new policies and to forecast trends in immigration.

With immigration playing a major role both within UK politics and on a wider scale within Europe and the EU referendum taking place on June the 23rd, the latest figures make interesting reading. It has been no secret that David Cameron and the Conservative government have sought to reduce net migration in the UK. However, with record net migration being measured it seems that the Conservative’s target of 100,000 net migrants is far from achievable.

Within this post we have divided the latest figures into three categories: Work, Study and Family visas. We hope that you enjoy our analysis and breakdown of the latest statistics


Tier 1 Investor/Entrepreneur

Following the changes introduced in November 2014 there continues to be a drop in investor level visas. 2015 witnessed a decrease of 76% (2,287) in visas granted as well as a fewer grants to dependents.

Tier 2

There was a 2% (+1,365) increase in skilled work visas granted taking the figure up to 92,062 as well as a 2% increase in the Tier 5 Youth Mobility category rising to 44,948.

The top 5 nationalities accounted for over 3/4s of the total visas granted. Indians dominate with over 5 times as many visas granted (30,900) compared to the net country, USA, in second place (6,342). Australia, China and Japan followed with figures of 2,155, 1,826 and 1,792 respectably.

Within this category, the top 5 sectors accounted for 85% of the work force:

Information and communication 23,471, Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities 10,642, Financial and Insurance Activities 6,810, Human Health and Social Work Activities 3,513, Education 2,803.


Compared to 2014 there was a 4% decrease in the number of student visas granted. The number of university sponsored applicants also fell, by a figure of 1% and there was a 7% increase in visas for students at Russell Group Universities.

The top 5 nationalities accounted for 55% of the 210,348 study visas granted in 2015, with the largest number going to Chinese nationals (70,754 or 34% of the total). There were higher numbers of study visas granted, excluding the unsponsored short-term student category (formerly known as ‘student visitors’) for Chinese (+6,153 or +10%) and Egyptian (+336; +26%) nationals; and fewer Libyan (-2,442; -66%), Iraqi (-2,384; -68%) and Brazilian (-1,925; -45%) nationals.


There were 37,859 family-related visas granted in 2015. This is an increase of 9% compared with 2014 (34,876).

There was a 12% decrease in the number of visas granted to dependants (excluding visitor visas) joining or accompanying other migrants in the UK (68,699) compared with the previous 12 months (78,106).

There were 44,744 extensions of stay for family reasons in 2015. Of this total, 19,307 (43%) were granted under the Family Life (10-year) category and 25,378 (57%) were granted under the partner category.

Family-related grants to stay permanently (for settlement) fell by nearly a half (-49%) to 16,610 from the previous 12 months, continuing the downward trend since the year ending March 2010 (75,852). This reflects lower numbers granted family visas with a direct route to permanency and changes to the qualifying period for settlement. There were notable decreases in grants to partners (-50% to 14,053) in the last 12 months.

Nationalities with the highest number of visas granted for family reasons in 2015

Total Partners Children (1) Other dependants (2)
Family-related visas granted 37,859 29,577 3,089 5,193
of which:
Pakistan 5,474 5,096 60 318
India 3,676 3,302 329 45
United States 2,091 2,049 23 19
Syria 1,933 88 6 1,839
Bangladesh 1,867 1,778 55 34

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