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Fresh Claim Asylum in London

Our team of expert immigration lawyers in London have worked on a number of successful fresh claim asylum cases. We know how worrying going through the asylum process can be, and our team is on hand to offer you advice and peace of mind. Asylum law in the UK can be a confusing area, and the majority of asylum claims are rejected the first time. If you have had one or even two asylum claims rejected, we can help you to submit a fresh claim.

“I sought immigration advice from Westkin after being rejected once. I was extremely pleased with the support I received. Their advice was always very well-founded, clear and prompt and, as expected, I received my visa without any hassles and much within the expected timeframe.” – Vaibhav Asher

If you’re concerned about claiming asylum in the UK, and require fresh claim guidance, our team of immigration lawyers in London can help. Call our office on 020 3666 0114 or contact us through our website today.

What is a fresh claim?

When an asylum claim is rejected and the following asylum appeal is also unsuccessful, an asylum seeker may not immediately leave the country. If during this time, the situation in their home country changes (ie: the conditions gets worse or there is a change in government), or if new relevant evidence comes to light (like a new arrest warrant from the home country), then the law allows the asylum seeker to present that evidence as a fresh claim.

Our immigration lawyers in London can assist you with:

  • Offering you an official cost-free phone call to provide you with fresh claim guidance.
  • Assessing whether your case merits a fresh claim.
  • Helping individuals to draft a fresh claim with the necessary documentation and evidence required by the Home Office.

What is the law on fresh claim asylum in the UK?

Fresh claims are governed by Paragraph 353 of the Immigration Rules:

“Fresh Claims 353. When a human rights or asylum claim has been refused and any appeal relating to that claim is no longer pending, the decision maker will consider any further submissions and, if rejected, will then determine whether they amount to a fresh claim.

The submissions will amount to a fresh claim if they are significantly different from the material that has previously been considered. The submissions will only be significantly different if the content:

(i) had not already been considered; and

(ii) taken together with the previously considered material, created a realistic prospect of success, notwithstanding its rejection.

This paragraph does not apply to claims made overseas.

353A. Consideration of further submissions shall be subject to the procedures set out in these Rules. An applicant who has made further submissions shall not be removed before the Secretary of State has considered the submissions under paragraph 353 or otherwise.

This paragraph does not apply to submissions made overseas.”

What are the fresh claim asylum requirements?

To make a fresh claim, your case should have new evidence or a change in circumstances that have not already been considered by the Home Office in your original asylum claim. This new piece of evidence will make a difference to the outcome of your case.

Reasons to submit a fresh claim can include:

  • You have not disclosed to the Home Office or the Immigration Judge everything that happened to you.
  •  You have received some important documents from your own country, which were not available to you when your asylum claim was considered.
  • There may have been changes in the law in your own home country which may put you at risk of persecution.
  • There may have been changes in the condition of your home country that may put you at risk of persecution.
  • You may have converted to a different religion after the removal of your asylum claim, and you face the risk of persecution due to the conversion.

The situations above are examples and you are not restricted by them; there are as many fresh claims as there are asylum claims.

If you think you may have grounds for a fresh claim to asylum, please get in touch. Our team is on hand to offer you with expert immigration advice to aid your case. Call our office on 020 3666 0114 or get in touch through our website today.

What is the process for fresh claims?

If your asylum claim was made before 5 March 2007:

Your case is managed by case resolution directorate from the Home Office and you will need to make your further submissions by appointment and in person at Liverpool further submissions unit (FSU). You cannot make a further submission at Liverpool FSU unless you have an appointment.

You will not need to book an appointment if you are unable to travel to the FSU because you meet one of the following exceptional criteria:

  • You have a disability or severe illness and are physically unable to travel.
  • You are imprisoned or in detention and cannot make your submission in person.
  • You are an unaccompanied asylum-seeking child and cannot travel to the Liverpool FSU because it is too far away.

Instead, you are allowed to fax your further submission to the further submissions team in Liverpool.

This requires actual physical attendance, which can be a worry for clients. Our immigration lawyers in London can help to make this process easier for you by ensuring that you are completely prepared for your appointment with the necessary documentation and verbal information to support your case. Our team will offer you full support, so that you do not feel alone throughout the process.

If your asylum claim was made on or after 5 March 2007:

Your case is managed by a regional case owner and you will need to make your further submission in person at a specified reporting centre in your region. The process may be slightly different in different regions, but all cases will be treated equally across the country.

Fresh claims are complex and are at the top end of experience needed. We are confident that amongst immigration solicitors and lawyers, our work is amongst the best.

Fresh claims are complex and are at the top end of experience needed. We are confident that amongst immigration solicitors and lawyers, our work is amongst the best. We assure all our clients of our six unbreakable promises, so you can be sure of our high quality service and care.

“Westkin took over our appeal case for our daughter’s visa. It was a great experience and we received great service, which was the best. They effectively and clearly communicated with us throughout the entire process and made everything easy and fast. Westkin showed their expertise in all immigration areas and answered all our questions and concerns. We highly recommend anyone facing challenges with their visa application to place their trust with Westkin Associates.” – Zenzo Mpofu

What is the asylum fresh claim processing time?

Once you have submitted your new evidence to be considered as a fresh claim, the Home Office will consider your evidence and will give you a decision within 3-4 weeks of your court appearance.

How much do fresh asylum claims cost?

Our fees for fresh claim asylum cases can vary and we aim to ensure that the price you pay reflects your individual case and the service you receive. To discuss the cost of a fresh claim with us, please give our office a call on 020 3666 0114 for a cost-free, commitment-free chat.

For assistance with submitting your fresh claim and securing asylum in the UK, please get in touch with our specialist team. You can call our office on 020 3666 0114 or get in touch through our website.

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