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Our Immigration Law Service

Whichever immigration service you take from us, we pride ourselves on the fact that we never limit the number of emails, calls or appointments you can have with us. Based in central London, our immigration professionals are always on hand to meet in person, over the phone, via video call, or over email. If it helps your case, we will ensure you get the time with our leading immigration lawyers. 

At Westkin, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, and ensuring your satisfaction is an important part of our work. To ensure this, we assure you of 6 unbreakable promises.


Our visa immigration services include taking care to choose the best immigration option for you, as well as working out in advance if you qualify for the relevant route.

Once clients have indicated that they wish to sign up with us, we send them a client care letter. This provides details of our advice, the nature of your case and the fees we will charge. This document is important, as it provides in writing all the terms of conditions.

Once the client care letter has been read and you indicate that you wish to proceed, we will ask for an initial payment, for all immigratio services this is usually half of our fee. We then create a list of documents to gather for us based specifically upon the instructions we have taken from you. You do your best to gather those documents and we are of course on hand to assist in the gathering of those documents.

We then ensure that the application has the best prospect of success by properly completing the form, indexing and cataloguing all the supporting documents, as well as writing detailed representations on the case and including all the leading case law precedents.

Once the application is sent off, we track it to make sure it arrives in good time and then deal with any correspondence, acknowledgements and queries on your behalf and in conjunction with you until the application is granted.

“I have no regrets about hiring Westkin Associates to help me with my application. The team was very helpful from start to finish. They set up my expectations of the whole process, and their service was most professional. The outcome was exactly as I would have expected it. I highly recommend them.”  – Donna Fernandez


Westkin undertakes appeal work, and is often instructed when an application by another immigration solicitor is refused. Before we start any appeal, we usually ask the client to provide us the refusal letter which we assess. We then tell the client the cost of the immigration appeal and the prospects of success.

After the client care letter is signed we usually commence by lodging general grounds of appeal without charge to ensure your appeal rights are kept in place.

After the hearing date for your immigration appeal has been set by the court, we provide a detailed action plan to our clients. This involves 2 main parts; the gathering of documents to provide supporting evidence, and preparing the witness statement for all witnesses who will attend the hearing.

We work closely to prepare your witness statements to provide the immigration judge all the information they need as providing persuasive content.

Just before the hearing, we would have a pre-hearing appointment to ensure that you were aware of what would occur at the hearing. We would provide details of when to arrive, where to go, what to wear and what to call the judge as well as describing what will happen at the hearing.

During the hearing one of our leading immigration lawyers will accompany you and do their best to assist you in all possible ways. Once the hearing was over, we would ensure that all further steps to be undertaken were arranged as well as telling you how it went.

Once the appeal was successful, we would ensure the UKBA would then grant the appropriate visa.

What do I do if my visa application is refused?

If your UK visa application is refused, you may be able to appeal the decision. This means that your case can be reassessed with new information. It is highly recommended that if you want to appeal a refusal, you seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

What’s the appeal process?

If your visa application is refused, you can appeal the decision, giving you a chance to appear in court for a hearing on your case. During this process, your immigration lawyer will assist you in addressing why your original application was refused, helping you to lay out your prospects for success. Our team helps you to prepare vital documents, instruct counsel on your behalf and represent you on the day of your hearing. 

What happens on the hearing day?

On the day of an immigration appeal hearing, you will be expected to appear in court to answer questions on your case. Our team of lawyers work with our clients to ensure they know what questions they may be asked, how to answer them, and what to do on the day of their hearing.

Am I alone during my immigration appeal hearing?

We represent our clients every step of the way through immigration appeals, so you won’t be alone on the day of your hearing. We will either instruct a barrister who will represent you on the day, or use our own in-house specialist lawyers.

What happens after the appeal?

After we have successfully appealed the Home Office’s judgement, the Judge ruling on the matter will send his or her judgement to the relevant visa department. They will then contact us, and we will inform you immediately.

The immigration appeal may take up to 12 weeks, but we pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service. We promise to keep you informed on your appeal at every stage and to have the process sorted with minimal disruptions.


What do immigration lawyers do?

Our team of leading immigration lawyers assist clients with a number of immigration cases, including visa applications, refusals and appeals. We help clients with a number of different visa claims including business visas, family visas, asylum and human rights cases. It is our job to assist you in getting your UK visa successfully granted and helping you to begin your life in the UK.

Do I need to use an immigration lawyer?

It is not a government requirement that you use an immigration lawyer in any visa application, however, the success rates of applicants who do are far higher. Immigration law is an extremely difficult field to navigate, and individuals who do not seek legal assistance may risk having their application refused.

Are all immigration law firms the same?

Not all immigration law firms are the same, and considering which firm you should choose to assist you with your visa application should be carefully considered. Some UK immigration lawyers offer cheaper rates for a lower quality service and often these firms do not work to the highest possible standard. At Westkin, we have a proven track record for providing an outstanding service to our clients, and we pride ourselves in our willingness to go above and beyond.

Why should I choose Westkin?

We believe that we provide an exceptional immigration service for our clients at a fair price. We offer honest, effective and clear support, and believe that our dedication goes above and beyond our competitors. We treat each of our cases differently, and ensure that we put the time in to understand our clients and what they need. We guide you every step of the way through your application, providing a confidential, stress-free and fully transparent service.

Our team is ready to discuss your immigration case with you. Please get in touch today.

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