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Keeping families together in London

At Westkin, we work with a number of families who want to settled in the uk. Through our unmarried partner visa service, we can help to provide security for you and your loved ones, allowing you to remain in the UK together.

Our specialist EU/EEA immigration team deals exclusively with EEA/EU cases. Through their extensive knowledge of immigration law and real world case experience, our team of immigration lawyers will manage your case through every step, meaning your relationship visa application is submitted in the strongest possible condition.

For more information on how we can assist you with your unmarried partner visa UK, please get in touch by calling our office on 020 8038 0127, or by reaching out through our website. Your first call with our immigration lawyers is always cost-free and commitment-free.

Why choose Westkin for your unmarried partner visa application?

Westkin Associates increases your chances of obtaining the decision you want for your unmarried partner visa, and works with you to build your bespoke case.  Tackling immigration law alone is often a tense and complex process, and we understand that you may feel worried or unsure about your situation. Our experienced immigration lawyers at Westkin Associates can take full control of your unmarried partner visa application, allowing you to focus on other areas of your life without worry. Our service offers full transparency, meaning you don’t need to worry about hidden costs or hurdles.

When you choose Westkin Associates to assist you with your relationship visa,  you are choosing a team of immigration lawyers who work for you. We base our customer service around meeting and surpassing the needs of our clients. Whether you need assistance with a new visa application, or an unmarried partner visa appeal, we tailor each case to your specific needs. In doing this, we can build a case that is relevant to your application, increasing the likelihood of you obtaining the result you require.

“Westkin Associates helped my partner and I with our expedited Unmarried Partner visa. They were absolutely incredible, we cannot recommend them highly enough. Their advice, warmth and support was so comforting through such a stressful process. Thank you for your prompt responses to every query and question and for your clarity in letting us know what we needed to do for each stage. We will both be forever grateful for all your hard work.” – Ellie Chiang

Keep your family together by contacting our immigration lawyers on 020 8038 0127, or by reaching out through our website. We treat every case as unique and offer transparent, efficient and in depth advise that is tailored to your specific application.

Unmarried partner visa UK requirements

There are a number of requirements to be considered before filing an unmarried partner visa application.

  • One member of the couple must be an EEA national exercising treaty rights (i.e. working or one of the other categories.)
  • The applicants must have the intention to permanently live as a couple together.
  • The applicants must have been residing together in a relationship similar to that enjoyed by a married couple, and that relationship should have existed for two years or more.
  • The applicants must not be related by blood.
  • Any previous marriage or long term unmarried partnership or similar relationship by the EEA family member or the third party national has now permanently broken down.
  • Although the EEA durable partner visa application is similar to the UK unmarried partner, it is sometimes worth noting that the EEA durable partner visa applications do not strictly require the couple to have cohabited for two years.

In our experience, we find that our clients benefit from booking a consultation with one of our immigration lawyers to assess:

(a) whether they are eligible for the application;

(b) the next steps to get the process started;

(c) the time frames involved.

(d) the legal and government fees applicable.

Can I bring my unmarried partner to the uk?

Individuals living in the UK can bring their unmarried partner to the UK as long as they meet the above requirements for this visa type. It is advised that you seek legal assistance for EEA unmarried partner visa applications to increase your chances of successfully getting the visa granted.

What is the UK unmarried partner visa processing time?

The UK Home Office aims to process all unmarried partner visa applications within 12 weeks of the date that the application was submitted. The home office does offer a priority service which will allow you to have your application expedited if the standard 12 week wait is too long.

How much does the unmarried partner visa cost?

The unmarried partner visa UK fee is currently £1,523 for individuals applying from outside of the UK, and £1,033 for individuals applying to switch from another visa from within the UK. To discuss our fees for assisting you with your application, please get in touch for a cost free chat.

What unmarried partner visa documentation do I need?

Part of your application for an unmarried partner visa will be being able to evidence your relationship with your partner. This usually requires documentation which provides proof of the fact that you have lived together for at least two years, and which evidences the relationship. This evidence can be made up from a variety of things, including shared bills and evidence of shared correspondences with one another. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers in London specialise in assisting clients with building a portfolio of evidence to support their application, providing you the best chance of having your visa application approved.

What are your unmarried partner visa success stories?

We have helped a number of individuals in securing unmarried partner visas for themselves and their loved one. Find out what some of our previous clients have said about their experience with Westkin:

“My partner and I reached out to Westkin Associates for last-minute help in applying for my partner’s unmarried spouse visa after receiving incorrect and misleading information from a top Immigration Solicitor in the UK. Our lawyer was very knowledgeable and professional, and helped us file a successful application in under 4 days. We are very grateful for their help and recommend the firm to others.” – Alexander King

“I am so grateful to the team at Westkin Associates for helping secure my unmarried partner visa. They were clear, informative and thorough throughout the process – even providing a member of staff to attend the application appointment with me. This could have been such a stressful time for myself and my partner, but Westkin offered us both peace of mind, knowing that we were putting the strongest application forward. And for that I can’t thank them enough!” – Ashley Johnson

“My experience with Westkin Associates was extremely positive.  My partner and I were looking into applying for an unmarried partner visa and looked at a number of different law firms based in London. Westkin was by far the most reassuring. The experience with the firm only confirmed their glowing reviews. They made the process as smooth and positive as possible, compared to other law firms who could be incredibly rude. On the day, Westkin sent a runner with me and my partner to help with the application process who was also fantastic. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking for representation and help in attaining a visa.” – Tram Nguyen

If you require assistance with your unmarried partner visa application, please get in touch today. Our team of lawyers in London specialise in securing your visa efficiently, and making the process as easy as possible for you. Call our office on 020 8038 0127 or get in touch through our website for a commitment free, cost free initial chat.

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