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Entrepreneur Visa Extensions

The visa extension process for the entrepreneur visa can often be time stress-inducing and time-consuming. Westkin Associates is here to minimise the frustration and to make the process as simple possible for you. Our dedicated entrepreneur legal experts will guide you through every aspect of the extension process and will leave you with time to focus on expanding your business.

From your initial application, until you gain citizenship, our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive support and are available to answer any queries.

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On this page you will find an overview to the Entrepreneur visa extension process.

What is an Entrepreneur Visa Extension and do I need to extend?

The Entrepreneur visa, which has since been replaced by the innovator and start-up visa, allowed foreign nationals to stay in the country for three years. You may still extend your visa which will allow you a further two years, and at the 5 years, you may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

To be eligible for an extension, you will need to show that you have met the Home Office’s strict requirements. Westkin Associates provide a comprehensive service, working with your accountants and other key providers, to ensure that the documents are accepted. If the applicant successfully meets the criteria of the home office, the visa extension will be issued, which usually lasts for an additional two years.

What do I need to prove?

To be eligible for an extension, you will need to meet four key criteria; however, there is an accelerated pathway and additional requirements for this route.

Westkin Associates strongly recommends that those seeking an extension acquire expert legal advice instead of applying themselves as an application which is not correctly filled in may result in expulsion from the UK for a period of ten years.

To meet the key extension requirements, you must:

  1. Have invested the full two hundred thousand pounds in the company you have started
  2. Have employed two new staff members for your company
  3. Have registered as the director of the company within 6 months of gaining your visa
  4. Show that you are still registered as the director

Meeting these require alongside a few others will grant you a successful visa extension. The extension will last for two years, and after five years you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain and a year after that naturalisation. Naturalisation will grant you British citizenship.

What if I want Accelerated Settlement?

The accelerated settlement pathway is eligible for entrepreneur visa holders who can show that they have a turnover of £5 million pounds over the past 3 years or that you have employed 10 people in the past 3 years.

What if you have been refused?

Westkin Associates will always stand by you and is prepared to take actions to appeal wrongful refusals.

Clients who have initially been refused may still be granted their appeal if they win an appeal, administrative review, or if they can rectify the mistakes that previous they had made.

We can also prepare fresh applications if necessary.

If your previous application has gone wrong, we are here to help.

Refusals may be deeply discouraging, but it does not mean that there no options left.

Our immigration specialists have over 80 years of experience and know that the most common issues are in proving your status as a “genuine entrepreneur” and showing that you have made the investments properly.

Those with refusals have far too often been led by inexperienced lawyers. We know this as we helped many who have been misled to overturn these refusals and successfully gain their extension.

We strongly encourage those who have been denied an extension to seek a second opinion as their current legal representative, who had committed these errors, will not be objective in assessing the prospects of your case.

If you believe your refusal was due to being misled, your case was mishandled, or you feel you were not given the necessary attention. Then call us now to, and we can arrange the next steps for your successful appeal, administrative review or reapplication.

With over 80 years’ experience within every aspect of immigration law, we are confident we can support you with your immigration matter.

Contact us today to discuss your options and to book a consultation.

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