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Entering the UK as an Investor

You must show that you have access to at least 2 million pounds or equivalent

This can be shown in one of four ways:

1. You hold £2 million which you intend to bring to the United Kingdom. The money may be held in your name or that of your partner.

2. You already hold £2 million pounds within a UK bank account

3. You hold £2 million pounds in investments outside the United Kingdom


4. You have pre-existing permitted investment made within the UK in the last 12 months.

Whichever route you use above, the UKBA will want clarification of the source of funds, especially if the funds have been in place for less than 90 days.

We can use the existing UKBA rules to avoid any clarification of the source of funds through careful management of existing investments or funds. Please contact us for more details.

You then obtain a 3 year 4 month visa which can later be extended.

Call our offices for more details.

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