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Deportation Appeals

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Our team of immigration lawyers in London specialise in assisting individuals with deportation appeals. Appealing a deportation order can be a difficult process. This page outlines:

  • What deportation is.
  • What the deportation appeal process involved.
  • How our London immigration lawyers can help you to appeal against deportation.

You should call Westkin if:

  • You have a deportation order and want to appeal it.
  • You have a family member with a deportation order.
  • You’re concerned that you may be served a deportation order.

Call our office on 020 8038 4973 or contact us through our website to speak about your case with one of our experienced lawyers. Your initial phone call is free of charge and will have full confidentiality.

What is deportation?

Deportation is where foreign nationals, having been convicted of a crime, are selected by the Home Office to be returned to their country of origin. It is a complex issue which can be emotionally challenging for those facing it. In deportation cases, the laws of crime and immigration meet, making it a fast moving area which can become confusing. Deportation cases require considerable expertise and care, and this is why it is always advised that individuals seek legal assistance from trained specialists if they want to appeal against a deportation order. 

 Deportation is a very current topic which often takes the forefront in politics, and gains a lot of media attention. Because of the considerable media coverage on foreign criminals, the Home Office has increased deportation in recent years. For these reasons, the need to have experienced, trustworthy legal advice when going through the deportation appeal process is essential. 

At Westkin, our specialist lawyers are fully trained in appealing against deportation orders on behalf of clients in what can be a difficult area of the law. If you’re concerned about your situation, please get in touch by calling our office on 020 8038 4973 or through our website.

How Westkin help your deportation appeal

At Westkin Associates, our lawyers are fearless and committed to winning even the most difficult of deportation appeal cases. We pride ourselves on having the expertise and experience to guide you through each step of what is becoming an ever increasingly complex legal procedure. Ultimately, when choosing Westkin Associates as your legal representatives you choose to increase your chances of staying in the U.K. 

The current immigration rules mean that in many cases, those who are deported from the United Kingdom face an automatic ban from returning. With this in mind, Westkin Associates prides itself on providing a clear, efficient and supportive service to guide you through each step of what is required in your deportation appeal process. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience as specialist immigration lawyers, making them suited to tackling these cases. It is vital that if you are facing a potential deportation order that you choose an experienced law firm that can offer you the advice you need as well as the ability to handle such a sensitive area of law.

“I had to lodge two appeals and attend two hearings before my visa was granted. The people who made it happen were exceptional. Westkin represented me in both my hearings and lodged my second appeal. They are experts at what they do – extremely skilful and confident. I liked their honest and factual approach to my case. I was always made aware where my case stood and what to expect. I knew I was in safe hands.” – Denisa Murati

We understand just how important the outcome of deportation cases can be, and our service reflects this. Not only do we build the strongest case for you, but we aim to support our clients in what often is an emotionally taxing and fraught time. We tailor each case to the needs of each client, placing you in the strongest position possible to get the outcome you so want.

If you are concerned about deportation, it is essential to act quickly to improve your chances of a successful appeal. Call our office on 020 8038 4973 today to discuss your case.

What is the deportation appeal process?

When you are issued a deportation order, our team of experienced immigration solicitors can assist you with your deportation appeal. To do this, we usually have an initial chat with our clients to discuss your options and whether you have grounds to appeal. There are a number of reasons which can be used to appeal your case, for example on medical ground grounds or human rights grounds.

As part of the appeal process, individuals will be required to fill out a form which provides information on why they’re appealing deportation. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers can assist you with this, ensuring that you have all of the necessary documentation to support your appeal.

Once a deportation appeal is lodged, you’ll receive a notice of hearing from the court. Our team can assist you in preparation for your hearing(s), ensuring that you have all of the necessary information which may be asked of you on the day. 

If you have been issued a deportation order, or you’re worried that you may get a deportation order in the future, our team is here to help. Our experienced immigration lawyers in London have a wealth of experience successfully helping clients through the deportation appeal process. Call our office on 020 8038 4973 or contact us through our website for assistance.

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