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Recent Changes Announced Within Immigration Law – 2015

This blog post from 2015 looks at old changes announced within immigration law. Take a look at our blog to read some more recent updates.

In today’s short blog entry we shall look at two key changes that have recently been announced.  The first change details 21 institutions who have been deemed to be fake by the India University Grants Commission (Part 1) This means that any higher learning institution in the United Kingdom  should be wary of accepting a degree conferred by these institutions. A detailed list can be found on the link provided. For more information into the requirements and duties of a Tier 4 sponsoring institution contact our team on info@westkin.com or via 0207 11184546.

The second change (Part 2) relates more broadly to migrants who are subject to an English language test. Basically, any applicant who undertook the IELTS test in the period where the SELT test was being introduced can use their IELTS test as evidence.

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(Part 1) FOR THE ATTENTION OF ALL SPONSORS. The India governing body for higher education – University Grants Commission (UGC) – have declared 21 institutions as fake and not entitled to confer any degrees. Eight of the institutions are located in Uttar Pradesh, six are in Delhi, with one each in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, and West Bengal. Degree certificates issued by these universities can be considered non-genuine. An official notice, including a list of institutions, can be found on the UGC website – http://www.ugc.ac.in/ugc_notices.aspx?id=1093
(Part 2) FOR THE ATTENTION OF ALL SPONSORS: Anyone who took an IELTS test between the new SELT arrangements going live on 6 April 2015 and the first tests being taken on 23 April 2015 can submit this as evidence where a SELT is required. This arrangement will expire on 5 November 2015, in line with the transitional arrangements already published

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