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Immigration Compliance for Employers: Compliance Audits

Immigration Compliance Audits All employers will be aware that a substantial proportion of the UK based workforce are not British Nationals. Assessing who has and does not have legal permission to work is not always straightforward. With the Home Office becoming increasingly strident in the amount of visits they make to businesses without notice and … Continue reading Immigration Compliance for Employers: Compliance Audits

Work Permits | Tier 2 Staff

Obtaining Work Permits for Foreign Staff Although there has been considerable disquiet amongst the business community regarding the availability of work permits for foreign staff, in reality if simple steps are followed, migrants can be easily employed. At Westkin associates, we can assist you with making the relevant checks and acquiring the necessary paperwork to … Continue reading Work Permits | Tier 2 Staff

Are work permits becoming harder to obtain?

UK businesses benefit from hiring foreign workers, but the government has been seeking to balance concerns around immigration with the benefit that workers under Tier 2 (the visa system for work permits.) It has been felt that recent immigration rules have made it difficult for new foreign workers to be take on by UK businesses. … Continue reading Are work permits becoming harder to obtain?

How to obtain work permits for your migrant staff

There is a step by step process for obtaining work permits for migrant staff. UK companies cannot employ migrants unless they have some permission to work in the UK. They must also be able to prove that the job which they are hiring the migrant worker to fill could not be filled by an individual … Continue reading How to obtain work permits for your migrant staff

£50,000 PSW to Entrepreneur Q&A

£50,000 PSW to Entrepreneur Q&A Part 1 – How the Attributes Work Do I Qualify? In order to apply for this the applicant MUST currently have a valid Post-Study Work (PSW) visa and be applying from the UK, applicants on other types of visas such as Tier 4 must apply for the standard entrepreneur for … Continue reading £50,000 PSW to Entrepreneur Q&A

Resident Labour Market Test: A Guide For Hiring Workers

Westkin’s Head of Business Immigration, Hateem Ali, explains the Resident Labour Market Test Introduction If an employer wants to recruit a migrant from outside the settled workforce for a skilled job  (not on the list of shortage occupations), it will not require a Resident Labour Market test to be conducted. The test is supposed to … Continue reading Resident Labour Market Test: A Guide For Hiring Workers

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