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Bail and Detention

Supporting you in difficult times

Outstanding client care forms the base to the service we provide. In the work that we do we believe in assisting clients to ensure that, not only do they get the result that they want, but that we can offer them a transparent and efficient service. We adhere closely to OISC regulations and as such we are strictly regulated and follow a stricty code of conduct. Within our firm we work along our 6 Unbreakable Promises which are our guarentees as to how we will work with you and the high standards that we will work to.

Contact Westkin Associates today via or on 0207 118 4546 and via the enquiry box on the right hand side of this page to see how we can assist you in 0btaining bail. 

Westkin are proud to have leading immigration lawyers with fantastic track records of obtaining bail for our detained clients. In many cases where the chances of bail being obtained looked slim our lawyers were able to obtain bail for clients. Below we have listed a rough outline of the process and procedure that we follow in regards to helping a client to obtain bail. This points are intended for use as a guide only and are not a subsitute for real legal immigration advice. 

Usually, when a client is detained , we take initial instructions from a friend or family member in order to establish the facts. We then immediately contact the client – they are usually allowed to keep their mobile phones with them in detention.

After faxing the client a letter of authority form , which the client signs and returns, we are then recorded with the UKBA as the immigration lawyers on record.

We can then contact the Chief Immigration Officer or the officer in charge of the case and start negotiating for our client’s release.

In other circumstances, clients can make formal representations to the Chief Immigration Officer by writing.

If the UKBA really do not wish to grant the client immigration bail, then we can make an immigration bail application.

This is a bail application made to an immigration judge sitting in an immigration court. We prepare the following to ensure that our clients obtain bail:

  1. Sureties to act as guarantors for the bail application;
    2. Witnesses to support the application;
    3. One of our leading advocates to present the case to the Immigration judge;

Our experience and track record of these applications is highly successful. We are proud of the services that we provide and believe in supporting our clients both in terms of their applications and emotionally in, what can be, a tough situation. Westkin Associates are confident of the excellent representation that we provide to those seeking to make a bail application and in choosing us you increase your chances of obtaining bail.

Our dedicated teams of immigration lawyers work tirelessly for you and can be contacted on or via the telephone on 0207 118 4546 so if you are looking for more information and to book a consultation with us do not hesitate to get in touch.


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