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Our 6 unbreakable promises

Integrity is essential to our team at Westkin Associates, as is ensuring that our clients always feel happy, safe and supported while we work with them on their immigration case. Because of this, our entire team works to the same high standard, each of our lawyers and solicitors abiding by 6 unbreakable promises. We feel that these promises are what makes us stand out from other immigration law firms in London and beyond. They help us to maintain our status as a leading immigration law firm.

“I am so glad with the overall services. It was a lovely experience working with Westkin. These people are so professional and know their job to the best, highly recommended!” – Ozair Iqbal

1. Honesty

Honesty is a central pillar behind Westkin Associates. We understand how confusing and difficult immigration processes may be for individuals and the urgent need for transparent advice which is tailored to your specific case. That’s why we’re here. We aim to provide impartial expert-led advice about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will honestly advise you as to what documents you need in order to improve your chances of immigration success. We will not give you a false impression so as to get you to sign up for our immigration services. All our advice will be in writing, so you can check the accuracy of it later.

To speak to a member of our team about your immigration case, please get in touch by calling our office on 0207 1184 546 or reach out to us through our website.

2. Fair Pricing

Westkin Associates offers the highest standard of legal advice for a competitive price. Whilst we recognise that we are not the cheapest immigration firm; we have a proven track record for providing an outstanding service to our clients, and we strongly believe that our prices are fair given the excellent quality in the service we provide.

“I am so pleased that I found Westkin  associates. I went previously to a much cheaper lawyer and they got me nothing more than two refusals. I then spoke to Westkin, who explained the whole process to me, and explained where I was going wrong. They even gave me guidance on what documents I needed from my accountant. I would recommend anybody to go to Westkin associates.” – Zeshan Haq

We take a great deal of pride in our professionalism and drive to ensure that case is handled well. The price we set is fixed and will not alter unless we discuss it with you beforehand. We strive to ensure no unexpected surprises with price will arise once you have retained our professional services. We provide you with a fee schedule that will set out the payment methods and timings.

Please note that we are a private immigration law firm that charges for our professional services and at this point in time, we currently do not offer legal aid.

Find out more information about our fees.

3. Leading Expertise

With the constantly evolving situation in the Home Office, immigration law is routinely changing. To keep in pace with these constant changes, you will need expert legal counsel of Westkin Associates.

All of our specialist immigration lawyers have at least 18 years of professional experience in every aspect of UK immigration matters. To find out more about our lawyers and their experience, come and meet our team.

Amongst our team members are expert barristers who provide training to other immigration lawyers and solicitors. Our lawyers are specifically chosen because of their experience and knowledge with many having written in prominent news outlets and journals. You can read our latest thought leadership on our blog.

Our leading immigration lawyers are ready to assist you with your case. Get in touch today

4. Delivery

Westkin Associates understands that immigration matters can cause significant stress and anxiety, especially considering the strict and uncertain UK Immigration Rules. Our objective is to take away those worries from you by project managing your case and ensuring we have a set timetable for the completion of your work. We endeavour to deliver our services on time, 100% of the time and without any exception.

5. Hard Work and Effort

We understand that immigration cases are life-altering decisions and because they are, we strive to do all we can for a successful result. We strive to win cases through dedicated commitment and a resourceful use of energy.

We treat all our cases individually and can guarantee all the work we undertake will be uniquely prepared for your particular case. 

What sets us apart from other immigration law firms?

  • We go through your case with you on the phone, free of charge, before asking you to commit to anything, so you can ensure that our services are right for you.
  • We issue all engagement letters within 24 hours of your consultation.
  • We work with our clients through every step of the application process, ensuring that we act as a project manager on your application. This gives our clients peace of mind every step of the way.
  • We have a team made up of over 25 lawyers of different skill sets, each specialising in different visa areas, so whichever immigration visa you’re applying for, we ensure that you’re in the most experienced hands.

“I was very impressed with Westkin Associates service and we would highly recommend the company. My lawyer showed great expertise, communication was clear, amazing attention to detail and guidance. They offered everything that you’d want and expect. I have always felt confident and secure with Westkin handling my case.” – Adi Arslanagic

Still curious about our track record? Take a look at our recent results.

6. Confidentiality and Discretion

Clients are rightfully concerned about protecting their personal information given the current landscape. That is why Westkin Associates promises security as our lawyers deal with your personal information with the care it deserves.

We promise to keep all data and information entrusted to us confidential and safe. We further promise to ensure that all representations that are submitted by us on your behalf are approved by you before submission. Please note that we are registered with the Information Commissioner and that we have agreed to follow their policies in this respect.

If you’re ready to get started on your UK immigration visa application, our team is ready and waiting to help you. Get in touch through our website today.

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